February 20, 2009

Muffled Noises Transforming The World

Broken Promises
Children of Divorce
Dying Alone
Deaf Ears
Stagnant Assurances
Discarded Hearts
Empty Stomachs
Uninspired Words
The Promise of Peace
Forest Fires
Boiling Revenge
Wasted Energy
Misplaced Loyalty
Silent Cry
Missing A Moment of Truth
Denying Responsibility
A Fallen Tree
An Unshed tear
Baby Steps
A Yearly Calendar

February 15, 2009

Home on the Range

Have you ever met a real cowboy? Recently I had an opportunity to talk with a cowpuncher genuine cowboy kinda guy and his wife. After reading the zillions of books I have absorbed over the years, it was so much fun to talk to someone who lived the life of a rancher/cowboy.

They told me about the times he had to pack a few horses with supplies to mend fences and travel through rough mountain terrain on horseback pulling along the supply horses. Then upon arrival at the distant location, he would work on miles of fence repair and camp in the evenings until his supplies needed replenishing.

He lived in various bunkhouses and small shacks as he worked his way through diverse locations and bosses throughout his life.

Nice to meet ya, buckaroo.

February 08, 2009

Choosing The Right Road For Me

As I continue to learn about myself, I find I have had choices as an adult. Making an unwise choice wasn't something I dreaded; being aware and present was the worse apprehension. Stumbling along in a semi-conscious state was the survival mechanism that kept the deep rooted anger and distrust concealed.

February 02, 2009


The fiftieth year of the tragic ending to a short career in a cornfield in Iowa is being acknowledged worldwide on February 3, 2009.

We recently watched the DVD "The Buddy Holley Story" and then proceeded to read everything we could find on the subject of Buddy Holley and of the Crickets. The movie was excellent; the acting and music and photography kept us settled on the couch for the entire viewing. No potty breaks either.

I would like to pay tribute to the young man who believed in the music he heard and wanted to share with the world. Unfortunately, the plane crash ended that dream and changed music forever. Thank you, Buddy, for believing in those sounds and putting them to music.

February 01, 2009

Greetings Mighty Groundhog

Tradition dictates that if a groundhog sees its shadow on February 2nd, there will be six more weeks of winter.

Six more weeks wouldn't bother me. This has been a beautiful winter in the midwest.
So bring it on!

According to an article at National Geographic, "the groundhog, or woodchuck, is one of 14 species of marmots. These rodents live a feast-or-famine lifestyle and gorge themselves all summer to build up plentiful reserves of fat. After the first frost, they retreat to their underground burrows and snooze until spring, drawing their sustenance from body fat. While hibernating, the animal's heart rate plunges, and its body temperature is not much warmer than the temperature inside its burrow."

Some of the cartoon graphics are much cuter than the actual photos of the little critter. Not implying that the groundhog is not very photogenic. There are hundreds of great photos available.

I have a specific connection to the groundhog; my birthday is February 2nd, so I have been the recipient of friendly teasing about that. Now that I live around squirrels, I am pleased to have that association with the largest member of the squirrel family.