May 27, 2008


I have always wanted a sister. I have one brother and throughout my teenage years I was in foster homes so I have a foster sister from the last foster home. We have managed to remain in sporadic communication throughout the years. Still not the same as having a sister. I have envied people I have known who have sisters and do things with their sisters and have that special sister bond.

Now I have a sister-in-law and she is awesome. She accepts me just as I am. She has challenges in her own life and works to understand them and then to deal with them. She is clear thinking and speaks openly. She is self-assured but not at all controlling. She is busy and talented and accomplishes more in one day than I do in two days. Best of all, she is FUN, and FUNNY, and SMART. It must run in the family because she and her two brothers are borderline brilliant fast thinking and fast talking solid people. They are three of my favorite people.

I am no longer feeling like I am missing something. I carried around the deep dark secret sad place in my heart. I always pushed it away and did not acknowledge it. That is another thing I admire about my sister-in-law, she faces things head on. My way has been to hide it away and tell myself I will deal with it later or some other time. That is worse than procrastination; that is denial.

These days I have the best of both worlds. I have learned from my past and appreciate the present. I have a sister-in-law that I can relate to and admire. There are too many miles between us to hang out together. I am interested in her flower businesses and would love to help her sometimes. Her enthusiasm for her wedding and party designs is contagious. She takes pride in her work. Her blog lists her occupation as florist and event decorator. Actually she is so much more, making sure her clients receive her best work as well as bringing her unique and sparkling personality into the equation.

I thank her brother for adding me into this family and for bringing my SISTER into my life at long last. I am so blessed!

May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

This is a memorable Memorial Day!

This is the first Memorial Day holiday in a new area about 1500 miles from where we were living for quite a few years.

The memorable part is that I have very little memory of where we were living until about a month ago! It is so peaceful and pleasant in this part of the country that all the stress and rush and noise and foul moods and crime and traffic jams and smog and high prices are distant memories. Not part of my everyday life anymore.

There are a few more boxes to unpack but they are stacked in the garage and out of the way, so when I need something I read the list on the boxes and find what I want.

This is still a great country to live in, and Memorial Day has more meaning than big sales at the furniture stores and barbequed hot dogs and burgers. Now more than ever!