September 29, 2011


1. If I ever use the word crazy in any of my posts to describe someone or some thing, it is not to be associated with a medical condition unless I am specifically writing about a mental situation. Between my hubby and myself, we have plenty of off the wall and abnormal. For me, I don't see things in that light. I use the word "crazy" in many ways. Crazy in love. Boy, are you crazy! Which is really a compliment. What a crazy day. I give myself the freedom to use the word "crazy" without attaching hidden meaning even though sliding words under the door and go BOO! on the other side is something I do often. This is a crazy paragraph; I think you get the gist of it if you are awake and have enjoyed enough morning coffee and have read some of my previous posts.

2. When I write or speak about love I am writing about love in my life as it pertains to my relationship with my hubby and a newly discovered and growing love of myself. I am not leaving anyone out who does not live my lifestyle. I do not have a closed mind about who other people pick to love or have a relationship with for whatever reason. Since this is the first time I am in a healthy relationship and I am able to work through trials as they present themselves, I speak from that place. This is the first time I understand how to be in a long term relationship in a healthy way. Loving myself, my husband, and my fellow human beings is the love I write about and cherish.

3. As I wander around blogland and leave comments, it should be noted that I am not the voice of authority my comments would leave some to believe. I don't have all the answers; in fact, I don't have very many answers. If my comments seem to portray wisdom, that is just the way I write. It is not authority you are reading, it is experience. And that is just something that comes with age.

4. I don't own cookbooks. I get a general idea of a recipe and then have fun with it. Half our meals are experiments. Since I don't measure precisely, the recipes cannot be truly duplicated. But every variation is another way to express my culinary unrestraint. Very seldom do I share a recipe on my blog and though I show a real recipe, that is just similar to what I actually make.
Simple, down home food is what I like. Gourmet food is unappreciated; thus, a fancy restaurant is wasted on me. I have always been a cheap date!

5. This blog is no longer associated with the the domain name I held for five years:
the The only url for this blog is

6. Regular reading of this blog will not cause blurred vision, vertigo, or itching. It may, however, bring on tingling in the extremities, profuse sweating, and slight heart palpitations brought on by giggling and swearing when you read some posts. At least, I certainly hope for a reaction.

September 26, 2011

Since September Fourth 2006

Five years!
What can I say?

When I wrote the first post September fourth 2006, I had no expectations and no idea of what to write. Now blogging is part of each day, the usual routine. Nothing to take for granted or become bored with though. I have learned so much from so many people in the blogging world. I believe I am a better person today for it.


THANK YOU. ALL OF YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

With much love.

September 25, 2011

Sundays In My City

Horseshoe pits are open to everyone to use. Perhaps one day we will be pitching horseshoes! This is perfect weather for a sweaty game of horseshoes.

There are batting cages in three areas of town.

Unknown Mami

Unknown Mami's blog has lots of people signed up for her Sundays In My City specialty. Seeing photos of other city interests through other bloggers' eyes is enlightening and fun. Check it out.

September 22, 2011

Online and Real Life

Did you notice the picture of hubby in the sidebar? If you didn't know, that is James, my husband. He wears his Buddy Holly glasses for me. He only wears glasses for reading. He is younger than I am so he isn't into the senile cataract age range yet. The whippersnapper.

He stopped blogging for awhile and he removed himself from my blog; but he is back. Here and on his own blog.

He comes in and out of my blog, but he is steady and sure in my life.
My real life. None of that "here and gone stuff" in real life. Only in blogland.

September 19, 2011

Rainy Days

Glitter Graphics |
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Does a rainy day spoil your good mood? Does the weather dictate how you feel, how you respond to others? How important is the rain or shine in your life?

Some people need special light in their home to boost their mood, to keep them stable when the sun is not shining. Not to minimize people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. A day of rain and gray clouds can affect the human spirit. So much, in fact, that we may miss some joy, or a wonderful gift from nature, or from a friend. We may miss an opportunity to reach out to someone when a small gesture from us would make a huge difference in their life at just that moment.

I made up my mind I did not want to miss anything in nature. For most of my life I rode motorcycles and the biggest thrill was being close to nature. The smells and sights and sounds, no barriers. Most rides were fantastic and then someone would throw away a cigarette and it would fly out their window onto me. But it was still a thousand percent better than not riding in the wind.

I have owned a rubber poncho for years. I would step into my hiking boots, toss the poncho over my head, and walk in the rain. If someone were to ask me if I like the rain, I would have to say "not particularly"; but walking in the rain and coming home damp and worn out taught me I enjoyed the challenge. Walking in the rain provides a perfect atmosphere for thinking deep thoughts and remembering how much the rain is needed on the planet. Maybe walking in the rain was my way of giving thanks. I still have the poncho and now, living in Nebraska, I can see rain boots would be good to wear outside in the rain. Maybe Santa will get me some rain boots. But I still have some great hiking boots until or if Santa gets my message by Christmas.

September 18, 2011

Sundays In My City

Guess what is in this pond?

This lovely pond is a couple short blocks from our little hippie house.
Unknown Mami

I am participating in Unknown Mami's Sundays In My City. Visit her blog and click on the many other posts linked to her blog to learn more about other cities.

Remember: Jimi Hendrix passed suddenly on September 18, 1970 while touring through London. Jimi's music plays on.

September 15, 2011

Talents and Creative Energies

Jilda pointed out some helpful ideas on her blog Transformation Information. Most times when someone speaks about talents, I zone out, as I don't think I have much of that. I hang around some talented folks here at home and online so I don't dwell on my short list.

But Jilda speaks about selling ourselves short when we say we don't have a talent. For me, I really just accepted that I was not given a special talent and I am happy that I have survived a harsh life.

But after reading her post here, I made a list of my talents and creative energies as she suggests in her post. Until now, I had only kept a Gratitude List. This is very different. Thanks, Jilda, for the inspiration. I don't play a musical instrument, I'm not a famous artist, singer, or author, but I know I have lots to contribute and share, and feel good about myself as well as having plenty of time to work on improving the gifts I have been given.

TechnoBabe's Talents and Creative Energies:

Cooking a variety of foods without recipes. I feel like I am a good cook. I enjoy being in the kitchen chopping, preparing and experimenting.

Facing things head-on and dealing with the situation and learning from my part in it.

Mixing paint colors and painting walls or furniture.

Speaking clearly and distinctly to people as I look them in the eye. Communicating.

Home decorating. I can make a tent a home if need be. Turning a house into a home is a fun challenge.

Gardening has recently been added to my list. Planting seeds and watching the tiny green heads pop out and grow into beautiful flowers is feeding my soul like listening to music.

Accepting people without trying to change them (like my kids)allows me to watch my grown kids live their own lives as they make their own mistakes and learn from them. Accepting hubby's idiosyncrasies helps me focus on the good things he does and not the little stuff that would usually bug me.

Keeping my word has always been important to me. I am careful not to make a promise unless I am sure I can deliver.

Being on time for all appointments, no matter how casual. Respecting other peoples schedules is part of that as well as honor in the commitment to meet.

Cutting hair is something I have done from a young age. In my early teens I cut hair for friends as well as my own. Hubby has an in-house personal hair stylist.

Now that I have begun my list, I will update it occasionally. This is another mooring line in my recovery work.

September 12, 2011

Watch This

Beth, at Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken, posted this video. I cried for a very long time. I have very strong feelings about Iraq. Please watch this video.

September 11, 2011

Sundays In My City

The Scout Cabin in our little city.The scouts are very active here. A future post will highlight some of the scout projects around the city, permanent improvements that are monuments to the hard work they did to make them. Planters with plaques showing they were gifted by the scouts and other projects. The scouts are constantly making additions to the comfort and aesthetic pleasure we have come to appreciate in our little city.
Unknown Mami

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September 08, 2011

Hubby's Hard Work To Make New Garage Doors

Quite a difference, isn't it?

Hubby painted the eaves yellow to match the house trim. He told me after he had all the work done on the garage that he only did it for me because it was so hard for me to open the old doors. Awwww.

Today is the older daughter's birthday so I am sending her lots of hugs and love for her birthday.

September 05, 2011


My new toy heats up quickly. In fact, it gets too hot to handle.

About a week ago I found a collector waffle iron at the local thrift store. It even has the original manual with it and sandwich grill plates as well.

I found similar waffle irons online and collectors pay $159 to $189 for one in this condition with the original manual and warranty.

After a wash and dry and seasoning of the waffle griddles, we had waffles. Plug it in, turn dial to hot, and the light goes out in about 15 minutes when it is heated to perfection. Turn it down a wee bit, pour some waffle mix into the griddle, put lid down and in four minutes you are eating golden brown waffles. We have had waffles two more times and each time they are superb. I prefer fresh strawberries on my waffles or some other fruit; whereas, hubby likes warm syrup on his waffles.

How much did we pay for our vintage toy?


1950 General Electric Combination Sandwich Grill and Waffle Iron.


September 04, 2011

Sundays In My City

Beauty surrounds us, as well as acceptance, forgiveness, laughter, music, trust. Happy Anniversary to my dear hubby. I look forward to growing old with you, well, older than we are already!

All the flowers are celebrating with hubby and me on our anniversary today.
Unknown Mami

I am participating in Sundays In My City so check on Unknown Mami's blog post for other Sunday posts of interest. Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

September 03, 2011

Summer Seven

Joanna at The Fifty Factor invited her readers to join in her Summer Seven fun, so I am adding a post to the group. Here is my contribution to Summer Seven: Off-The-Top-Of-My-Head Summer Happenings.

1. Hubby made new garage doors and I scraped the outside walls of the the garage, then brushed them with steel brush, and painted three sides. Only one more side to paint. Whew.

What do you think of the Before and After?

2.This summer I started using my camera more, taking photos and experimenting with angles. This has been great fun. I tried and tried to get a shot of a butterfly with open wings and it did not happen.

3. Last winter was our first winter in this little hippie house and we found several things we would want to improve before we spent another winter here. This summer we checked things off the to-do list in preparation for winter. Bring it on, we are now ready.

4. This summer I started a photo diary of the construction work at the new library site. It is one block from us and I can see the work in progress. That will be fun to show the different stages after the new library opens.

5. I have been painting the bedroom a robin's egg blue. There is one small area left to finish this morning.

6. Hubby is working on his music, re-working the songs he finished last year and composing more tunes this year. His spirit is in such a good place and his music is better than ever.

7. Knowing my vision was not clear enough, my appointment with the eye doctor clarified I have cataracts. (Get it, clarified?) I have been wearing progressive lens glasses and after the initial adjustment, I am used to the glasses and can walk in and out of the house without feeling like I am stepping down into a pit. Eventually cataract surgery will be necessary and I have resigned myself to it going well when the time comes.

Want to share some things about your summer? Visit Joanna's blog and join in the fun.

September 01, 2011

Man Statue

How does he do that??!!