August 27, 2007

Beautiful Women

Put your sound on, relax, enjoy the many faces through the
progression of earth time.

August 26, 2007

Good Neighbor Policy?


Cute idea, huh.

Also found some good words about neighboring at can you hear me now:

"All of us have a neighbor or two that is less than desirable.
They say that one out of three homes are owned by rotten type neighbors.
Look around you. If the neighbors on either side of you are OK;

If you find out that such a site exists for your area, would you be afraid to go there and check it out?

If you answered YES! to that question perhaps some radical changes are needed on your part.

Have you noticed this awful odor and it's pretty strong where you are sitting? That's another clue that there's something wrong and it's closer in the mirror of life than you suspect.

August 25, 2007

Taking A Personal Inventory

It is taking a long time for me to take a personal inventory. This is something I want to do and that I think I will benefit immensely when it is completed. I am writing down a few significant people in my life during different age groups up to and including the age I am now. And then I am building upon that by writing about an event that I remember that was significant to me at that time. And then I am writing what was my part in it and how did it impact my life; what behaviors did I begin or what reactions did I reinforce.

This didn't sound like a difficult task. Until I started doing it.

There were so many different people who have been significant in my life, so picking the top three or four for each age group was the first challenge. Then for me to really be honest and to see my part in each incident requires some soul searching.

I know that many other people have done this same type of personal work and have lived through it and gained insight into their past. I know that many people have done soul searching work and benefited from the honesty and self evaluation. To do this kind of work on myself and fly through it and not do a rigorous personal inventory would be like calling myself an honest thief or an anorexic chef or a blind bird watcher. I have to give it my all. I want to. This is taking more time than I thought it would. But I have lots of time. I have the rest of my life. And the rest of my life is looking healthier and happier and serene.

August 14, 2007


I found a wonderful post on The Art Of Intimacy:

"A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen."by Edward de Bono.

Our memories are what keeps us connected to reality. Read this post and the rest of her blog. Very encouraging and enlightening.

August 07, 2007

Kids Will Eat Anything If It Is In McDonald's Wrapper

According to this story in the New York Daily News, young children think

"anything in a McDonald's wrapper - even a vegetable - tastes better than the same food in a plain wrapper."


"It's not just burgers and fries. Carrots, milk and apple juice tasted better to the kids when they were wrapped in the the Golden Arches.

The study had youngsters sample identical McDonald's foods in name-brand and unmarked wrappers. The unmarked foods always lost the taste test. Robinson said it was remarkable how children so young were already so influenced by advertising.

The study involved 63 low-income children ages 3 to 5 from Head Start centers in San Mateo County, California."

I raised my kids on McDonald's. Yikes!!!