March 29, 2011

Dancing Together

Waking up together
Smiling to see each other
Waltzing through the day
Another dance of joy

Sharing ideas and thoughts
Swaying in the serenity
Doing a spontaneous tango
Across the living room floor

Dancing through the days

Photo information: Mariano Balois and Yanina Fajar with Tango Inferno perform a tango called "Gallo Ciego" during a rehearsal Jan. 11 at the Joyce Theater in New York. (Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images) #

March 25, 2011

True Story

A young girl was found wandering the streets in South Korea. It was estimated she was between two and three years of age. It appeared she had been living by her own devices for some time. After extensive investigation and searching, no family could be found. Not one person knew who this little girl was.

An organization from the United States was on hand to help with children like this. It was determined that the little girl would be joining other children on a trip to Hawaii, where families would be found for them. After arriving in Hawaii, legal citizenship and proper birth certificates were obtained for the children. They were now citizens of the US.

Families throughout the US had been waiting for children to adopt. This little girl found her way into the hearts of a family living in California. The family was already going through some changes. Just as the mother and father were starting the adoption proceedings, the ex-wife of the father was killed in a traffic accident on the east coast, so the fifteen year old daughter was now living with father and step mother and their two sons.

There were three siblings for the little girl to spoil her and love her. Since a birthday had been picked at random for her, that became a day to celebrate in the family. So a three year old was accepted and loved and living in a family.

Some bad memories must have lingered in the little girl's mind. As she grew older, she held herself back just enough to let others know she did not need them. By the time she was a teenager, she was focused on her outer looks and withdrew just a little more from family and friends. In fact, she had only one friend and that was not a close friendship. While she was still in high school she talked her parents into paying for breast enhancement surgery. She became addicted to shopping and would only buy brand name clothes. And shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.

The family who adopted her had enough money to satisfy their youngest child's desires. When she began dating, it was clear she was only attracted to young men who would buy her the best and were able to arrange spectacular evenings and then weekend trips showering her with gifts.

The inner resentment was slowly manifesting itself in anger and jealousy. In the first year of college she met a young man who grew to love her deeply. They lived together three years and then married. Her unreal expectations of a fairy tale marriage began eroding at the fiber of her fantasy lifestyle. Her husband made a good living but as time went by his income was unable to keep up with her spending. There were many discussions about money and when would it be enough clothes for her to be satisfied. Apparently there was no end in sight. Because her husband loved her he tried to get her to see a counselor. Then he asked if she would work on their marriage with joint counseling. She refused.

Before they were married, she had shown great enthusiasm for having children and raising a family. Their plan was to begin a family a couple years after she graduated from college. By that time she told him that she wanted a little longer to work on her career which was just taking off.

They were married ten years before she told him she never wanted children. She did not ever want to be a mother. Being around his siblings and their children and her siblings and their children was a chore. She did not like children. She was not comfortable around them.

After two more years there was a divorce. The little girl found wandering decided she wanted to remain wandering. The scars were too deep to heal. In order for her to feel justified with her life decisions, she scorned family closeness and began seeking again the attention she received through her high school years. She opted for another breast augmentation surgery and worked out daily for hours to maintain the perfect, zero fat body.

Note: This image was found on google. I do not have a photo of the girl when she was found.

March 23, 2011

30 Things We Need — and 30 We Don't

Tony Schwartz says in this post:

"Do you have the feeling, as I do, that in the tsunami of everyday life, we're getting too much of stuff we don't need, and not enough of what we do? Herewith my first set of suggestions about how to redress the imbalance: "

There are a few "Need Mores" that are especially important to me: Fairness; Passion; Taking responsibility; and Doing the right thing. What are your favorites?

Note from TechnoBabe: This post was accidentally posted on 3/11 and correcting the posting date deleted some comments already left here. I apologize.

March 20, 2011

Over 90

I like old people. Not just because I am getting closer to this age. Not because they have been on this earth so long they have seen many changes to tell us about.

I like them because so many of them have great attitudes, positive attitudes, and they are going to enjoy each day they have. And when I say I like old people, they would say they are not old. Cool, huh?

March 18, 2011

Penguin Love

Gary Rith made two mugs for me like this. See the penguin looking up inside the cup? Hubby has yucky stuff he has been taking care of so instead of saving the coffee mugs I gave them to him today. Thank you, Gary, for the wonderful cups. Hubby really likes the penguins and the workmanship on the really cool cups.

Lots of people are finding heart shapes in natural locations.

Rocks shaped like hearts. Leaves.

People have found some wonderful hearts in snow.

This penguin is becoming famous for having a big heart.

Photo found here.

Penguins hold special meaning for hubby and me.

Read here for the rest of the story.

I heart ya'll.

March 17, 2011

March 14, 2011


Hubby and I watched a movie that kept me awake most of the night. Not a horror movie or an action movie. It was a documentary. I look for documentaries and usually enjoy them. Hubby found this one and we looked forward to watching it together.

The documentaries I had watched were like mini movies. Narrated by a film person and photographed well.

This movie was real life. Real people. Real emotions.

The real family of Pat Tillman spoke about the way they were told about Pat's death. What followed were years spent searching for truth.

After viewing this movie, I asked myself why. Why is there a term "friendly fire". Blowing someone's head off is not friendly. Why didn't more people come forward when it was obvious they knew the truth. What happened to the five soldiers in Pat's outfit who shot him. How can dishonest men go before a congressional committee and lie and disrespect all the men and women in the armed services and then laugh and shake hands and all but piss on the family they just disrespected. If the death of this one soldier was used for political hype because this young man was in the NFL, why are the deaths of all the other soldiers downplayed so sadly?

Three days earlier I posed a question: Do you know who Pat Tillman was. The reason for asking it in the post was to see if there were other people like me who did not know the full story. 53% of the commenters knew who Pat Tillman was and some of the story. It was a higher percentage than I thought it would be. You all are a well informed bunch of bloggers, and then there are the rest of us. Ha. This was a fun experiment for me, thanks for your answers.

March 11, 2011



Who was Pat Tillman?

How did he die?

No googling, please.

Just from your memory, what do you call to mind?

I look forward to your answers.

If you don't know the name, please leave that answer in a comment.

A new post about this to follow.

March 10, 2011

Guitars Bigger Than The Players

Aren't these children amazing?

March 08, 2011

Finding Joy No Matter What The Circumstances

A girl dances near plumes of smoke from fires of coal scavenged by her family in the New Colony village in Jharkand, India, on Jan. 7. (Kevin Frayer/Associated Press) #

I can relate to this little girl, finding happiness in dire circumstances, and I feel a bond with her that is hard to explain. It is as if I know her. No matter she is way over in India and I am in Nebraska in the US. She is a little girl and I am an older woman. We are connected.

We are all connected.

March 04, 2011

Signing Out

For over a week I have been fighting a flu bug. I am taking time off from everything and sleep and read. I will pop back into blogland when I feel better.

March 02, 2011

Feeling Lonely?

There have been times I have been alone, and I was not lonely.

And while in relationships I felt alone and lonely.

Now I am in a good relationship, and do not feel lonely.

Is the difference my spouse? Perhaps.

Or is my environment making a difference?

Most of my life I worked at a job. The daily grind. Early to rise. Invest most of my energy in a job to get paid to support a family and round and round. It is peaceful and pleasant to live on my own schedule. Without a boss.

But I believe the reason I have been able to overcome depression and dissociation is the hard work in a codependency program and a year and a half of aggressive weekly therapy sessions.

Being able to look at my image in the mirror, being satisfied with who I am, and liking the woman I am now have brought peace to my life. No longer needing to struggle to be what I perceived others expected of me, I have come to understand that having what I want is not selfish. Doing the things I like to do just for myself is healthy.

I wish you a healthy life too. Look in the mirror and give that lovely person a smile.