March 31, 2008

Natural Foods and Fresh Bread

I found a great post here about someone learning to make breads and switching to natural foods.

We have been making our own bread for a couple years, usually whole wheat or whole grain bread, with some experimentation into other flavors.

We are now ready to try making onion bread, focaccia bread (which is also what is the goal at UltraCrepidate), olive/cheese bread.

This is getting to be so much fun being retired. There are so many things to try and now I have the time to try them.

March 28, 2008

Solar Sunshine

Found here:
"Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove (’Captain Organic’) placed several glowing Solar Trees in the streets of Vienna (October 2007). These solar powered streetlights could save cities energy. Unlike regular streetlights, they do not require costly underground wiring to install, they are immune to blackouts."

"The lights have 10 solar panels arrayed at the top of tree-like branches, which charge built-in batteries."

"The trees also incorporate light detectors, so the lights automatically turn on sunset and off at sunrise."

This makes sense to me so I can expect that it will not be introduced into the cities in the United States.

March 26, 2008


Is romance the same as being sentimental?

Is romance just something people do once in awhile to get something?

Are we born with romance in our souls or do we acquire it along the way?

Or not.

I have known some people that I think to myself "that person has absolutely NO romance" and then I have also known some people that in my opinion were way too mushy.

So I guess the idea of romance is like everything in life: An individual opinion. Of course, since I am the one living inside this suitcase of a body and in my own journey of life, I listen to my instincts and go with my gut feeling on most things. More so than my head.

I really like the idea of romance, not just an idea, but a way of life. I like to think of romance in this modern day as a sweetness that is left in this world among the weeds of corruption and callousness and shrewdness we are all wandering around in as we deal with other human beings. Especially in our intimate relationships.

I think romance stands on its own; sweetness and kindness and love are not required for romance to flourish and ripen. Ah, but what an awesome experience to be in the company of someone who incorporates those virtues into their life and shares with others. Yes indeed.

March 25, 2008

Growing UP Blog Friendly

I like my little blog. It is helping me to finish growing up. I am deliberately keeping it light when I write in this blog. I can carry on conversations about politics and nutrition and world events. But when I write in this blog I want to keep it uncomplicated and random.

There are times that a subject means more to me than others, but in my writing here I still keep it light. For some reason this helps me say things and step back.

There are so many blogs online and we all have our own reasons for "owning" them. In my case, I am owning up to my feelings and when I write it helps me understand myself better. I find out so many things I am interested in when I google something or something comes into my mind when I am not at the computer.

The appearance of simplicity in this format and the simple language I use to express things here are what I am comfortable with. When I wander through the other blogs it gets to be too much, all the ads down both sides, all the different colors, the different font sizes. I just want to read something, not have to wade through all the distractions to get to something worth reading. I am not judging other blogs, I am only helping myself understand what I like about the simplicity in my blog.

When I check out other bloggers' profiles, many of them have more than one blog. I am content with one.

March 23, 2008


Probably half the people I know are celebrating Easter Sunday today.

I send greetings for a momentous day.

My day is just as I would like it to be.

Free. Peaceful. Simple. Loving.

Not just today.


March 21, 2008


Found here:
"Here’s something completely different that might be just the ticket. Sunrise Serenade ($150) uses a soothing translucent orb that gradually changes the amount of light to wake you up to a simulated sunrise. You can also change it around and fall asleep to a calming sunset."

Since I do not have to use an alarm anymore, I wouldn't have the need for this alarm clock, but if I had known about this sooner, I would have owned one in a heartbeat!

March 20, 2008

My Friend Anthony

The first time I met Anthony was at a large hall. The interesting seating arrangement was the first thing that caught my eye. Instead of the usual rows of chairs, there were round tables, similar to card tables with padded table tops. And comfortable chairs around the tables. We were all there to hear a panel discussion so there were long tables in front and tables in the rear with coffee urns and brochures and books.

The table I was standing beside was nearest the front door, so when Anthony walked in the door we met. When Anthony's friend arrived a few minutes later, they both sat at the same table since we had already met.

Since that first meeting, I have come to know Anthony and consider him a friend. One of the things I like about him is learning that the quiet manner is not shyness, rather, he is not someone who talks to hear himself talk. When he says something it is usually important and sometimes profound. I am always happy to be someone in hearing range of this talented young man. And he is that: Very talented. An artist.

Another unusual trait is his hearing. He has the ability to listen. Listening with respect, without judgment, and truly hearing is something some people never learn. For someone so young to be able to listen like Anthony does, is a window to his soul.

I am looking forward to Anthony's visit today. He is coming to see us today. We are preparing loaves of bread, timing their completion to when Anthony will be here so we can share fresh bread with him.

Being friends with Anthony is a blessing for me. We can talk candidly about any subject and it teaches me that human beings can meet on even ground and teach one other many things no matter what age any of us are at the time. There are many years between Anthony and myself, but we are friends. Something I have had very few of in my life.

March 19, 2008

Building A Soup

Learning to cook has come late in my life. I was not taught how to cook or work in the kitchen like some children were, so when I was on my own in an apartment and working and supporting myself, I could make a sandwich or open a can of soup. I was not Suzy Homemaker. No offense to the true Suzy's I have admired and envied.

This past year I began experimenting with making soups in the crock pot. Sometimes using leftovers and sometimes trying something a little unusual.

This morning I went through the cupboards and the refrigerator, pulling out things and setting them on the counter. I could see how I was learning the art of building a soup. I can also understand why I was not able to do something like this before. I was not thinking clearly enough to build anything, even soup.

Today all the collected ingredients will go into the crock pot and will be another soup to nourish the body. For me, it will also provide sustenance for my soul.

I'm still not Suzy Homemaker, but I have tasted the joy of combining foods and having some soups turn out very well.

This is a good start. Building is a good thing, even just starting with building a soup.

March 18, 2008

I Like To See The Morning

One of the things I will now be able to do in a relaxed state is SEE THE MORNING.

Even as a very small child, one of my secret pleasures was seeing the morning arrive. We moved so often that Sunrise through the trees was one of the only constants. I understand this constant now.

I have always been a "morning person", not able to stay up very late, more in tune with nature, when the sun goes down my system gets ready to rest to be ready for the next awesome morning.

Every morning is awesome, whether it is cloudy or brilliant first sun. AWESOME.

Now that my mornings aren't busy with the pre-work rituals, I can get a cup of coffee and open the curtains and watch with an open heart, trusting that the first peep of sun is an indication for me that I will enjoy another day of natural sunlight and warmth for my soul.

I REALLY LIKE TO SEE THE MORNING!! To experience it and be part of it.

Oh, happy days ahead for me.

March 17, 2008

I Threw Away My Lunch Bag

Today is Monday. Usually on Monday I have to get up early and make my lunch and go to work.


This is a picture of me throwing away my lunch bag. I won't need to make my lunch anymore.


Today is the first day of my retirement. My last day to go to work was Friday. I won't go to work anymore.


March 16, 2008

Say It With Color

White:white lie, white elephant

Black:black as telephones, black sheep,black belt

Green:green with envy, green thumb, greenback, greener pastures, green-eyed monsters, green around the gills,green horn

Red:ruby red lips,rosy cheeks,seeing red, red carpet treatment, caught red handed, not worth a red cent, red letter day, red tape, in the red

Blue:feeling blue, true blue, out of the blue,blue plate special,once in a blue moon, blue blood, blue suede shoes

Brown: brown bagging, brown out, brownstone

March 14, 2008

Then And Now---Driving

Years ago when I was a teenager learning to drive, the rules of the road were written in cement. I attended drivers training classes at school, passed my driving tests at DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles), earned a drivers license along with the privilege of driving my old klunker car up and down the main drag on the way to and from school.

During those times there was something called a "rolling stop" which was not making a complete stop at a stop sign. And guess what, there were consequences for not making a complete stop: A Traffic Ticket.

Today at least in the area of the country I live, most of the drivers do NOT make a full stop at a stop sign, in fact they don't attempt to slow down at a stop sign. I have to admit I have done the same thing myself at a corner that is very familiar to me and driving on a one way street and absolutely no traffic. One day I did the rolling stop at that corner in front of a local police person. And received a smirk from the driver of the police car and nothing else. The police these days have so much more to do than worry about a driver not making a complete stop at a stop sign.

Part of me is melancholy when I think back to the days of less traffic, less populace, simple rules.

Could it be that my memories are dim after all these years? I don't think so. I do remember riding in a car with other people who were pulled over and given tickets for not making a complete stop. That is why it is clear to me that there used to be interest in enforcing the minor traffic laws but like other things in this life there are way too many more things to do than the simple rules of yesteryear.

March 05, 2008

Driving Forward

Driving forward is a lot easier than driving in reverse.

In reverse, you can't see as clearly, you take the chance of running over something or hitting something head-on.

If the gear is in park, that means sitting still, not moving at all, not forward or backward.

As in my life, it doesn't get me anywhere constructive to look backward or live in the past and it sure doesn't get me anywhere to sit still and be stuck in the present even though I believe that living in the present is the healthy thing to do. But when I live in the present, it is healthy to be actively living there, to participate and BE present. When I do that, I am actually driving forward, seeing the road clearly and making wise decisions. I might have to stop once in awhile to clean the windshield and get focused again, and then the wheels begin rolling again in this earthly vehicle I call my life.

March 02, 2008

No Queues To Use The Head

Hopefully they cleaned the sinks first.

This is a pretty handy dandy restaurant.

Apparently the first Taiwanese Toilet Bowl Restaurant was so popular that they opened a second one … who knows, maybe this will become the next big global franchise. 10 years from now, instead of visiting the Golden Arches, you might just be stopping into the
Poo Poo Palace!