March 31, 2008

Natural Foods and Fresh Bread

I found a great post here about someone learning to make breads and switching to natural foods.

We have been making our own bread for a couple years, usually whole wheat or whole grain bread, with some experimentation into other flavors.

We are now ready to try making onion bread, focaccia bread (which is also what is the goal at UltraCrepidate), olive/cheese bread.

This is getting to be so much fun being retired. There are so many things to try and now I have the time to try them.


pea said...

Focaccia is probably the best bread ever.

Fancy said...

Sounds really yummy, Technobabe! Thank you for sharing. :)

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Pea, I agree about focaccia bread. I will write a post here when we have accomplished making an edible focaccia. Mostly we make whole wheat or cinnamon/raisin breads and sometimes we get whole grains and grind them into the whole wheat.

Hi Fancy, Do you make your own bread too? I will let you know when we have perfected any new bread recipes.
Thanks for your comment.