March 18, 2008

I Like To See The Morning

One of the things I will now be able to do in a relaxed state is SEE THE MORNING.

Even as a very small child, one of my secret pleasures was seeing the morning arrive. We moved so often that Sunrise through the trees was one of the only constants. I understand this constant now.

I have always been a "morning person", not able to stay up very late, more in tune with nature, when the sun goes down my system gets ready to rest to be ready for the next awesome morning.

Every morning is awesome, whether it is cloudy or brilliant first sun. AWESOME.

Now that my mornings aren't busy with the pre-work rituals, I can get a cup of coffee and open the curtains and watch with an open heart, trusting that the first peep of sun is an indication for me that I will enjoy another day of natural sunlight and warmth for my soul.

I REALLY LIKE TO SEE THE MORNING!! To experience it and be part of it.

Oh, happy days ahead for me.

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