March 05, 2008

Driving Forward

Driving forward is a lot easier than driving in reverse.

In reverse, you can't see as clearly, you take the chance of running over something or hitting something head-on.

If the gear is in park, that means sitting still, not moving at all, not forward or backward.

As in my life, it doesn't get me anywhere constructive to look backward or live in the past and it sure doesn't get me anywhere to sit still and be stuck in the present even though I believe that living in the present is the healthy thing to do. But when I live in the present, it is healthy to be actively living there, to participate and BE present. When I do that, I am actually driving forward, seeing the road clearly and making wise decisions. I might have to stop once in awhile to clean the windshield and get focused again, and then the wheels begin rolling again in this earthly vehicle I call my life.


Fancy said...

This is an interesting article and a pleasure to read, Technobabe!

(Nevertheless, making wise decisions now may sometimes involve learning from our past mistakes.)

Thank you for sharing a thought so profound.

TechnoBabe said...

Thank you, Fancy. I am warming up the keys on the keyboard and will be back to writing more regularly after this next week. I am always up to learning from my past and living wisely in my present. Glad you stopped by!