March 26, 2008


Is romance the same as being sentimental?

Is romance just something people do once in awhile to get something?

Are we born with romance in our souls or do we acquire it along the way?

Or not.

I have known some people that I think to myself "that person has absolutely NO romance" and then I have also known some people that in my opinion were way too mushy.

So I guess the idea of romance is like everything in life: An individual opinion. Of course, since I am the one living inside this suitcase of a body and in my own journey of life, I listen to my instincts and go with my gut feeling on most things. More so than my head.

I really like the idea of romance, not just an idea, but a way of life. I like to think of romance in this modern day as a sweetness that is left in this world among the weeds of corruption and callousness and shrewdness we are all wandering around in as we deal with other human beings. Especially in our intimate relationships.

I think romance stands on its own; sweetness and kindness and love are not required for romance to flourish and ripen. Ah, but what an awesome experience to be in the company of someone who incorporates those virtues into their life and shares with others. Yes indeed.


James said...

And as we continue on our path together, we're learning that romance has lots of levels; some needing more active attention than others. At times we naturally generate romance without effort, yet other times we need to consciously think about each other to return to our "Romance Zone." All part of our process.

I love all our levels, as well as the ones we have yet to find, you know?

susem said...

You guys are adorable, I wish for your romance to continue in every shape size and substance.