March 19, 2008

Building A Soup

Learning to cook has come late in my life. I was not taught how to cook or work in the kitchen like some children were, so when I was on my own in an apartment and working and supporting myself, I could make a sandwich or open a can of soup. I was not Suzy Homemaker. No offense to the true Suzy's I have admired and envied.

This past year I began experimenting with making soups in the crock pot. Sometimes using leftovers and sometimes trying something a little unusual.

This morning I went through the cupboards and the refrigerator, pulling out things and setting them on the counter. I could see how I was learning the art of building a soup. I can also understand why I was not able to do something like this before. I was not thinking clearly enough to build anything, even soup.

Today all the collected ingredients will go into the crock pot and will be another soup to nourish the body. For me, it will also provide sustenance for my soul.

I'm still not Suzy Homemaker, but I have tasted the joy of combining foods and having some soups turn out very well.

This is a good start. Building is a good thing, even just starting with building a soup.


Fancy said...

Ah! The immense joy of cooking - a soup to nourish the body and soul. Thank you Technobabe.

Love that soup! :)

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Fancy, I am enjoying listening to my inner self when selecting the ingredients for each soup, and each one is so very different. I keep reminding myself that I can look up some recipes online but so far I have not run out of ideas and all the soups have turned out great!