March 25, 2008

Growing UP Blog Friendly

I like my little blog. It is helping me to finish growing up. I am deliberately keeping it light when I write in this blog. I can carry on conversations about politics and nutrition and world events. But when I write in this blog I want to keep it uncomplicated and random.

There are times that a subject means more to me than others, but in my writing here I still keep it light. For some reason this helps me say things and step back.

There are so many blogs online and we all have our own reasons for "owning" them. In my case, I am owning up to my feelings and when I write it helps me understand myself better. I find out so many things I am interested in when I google something or something comes into my mind when I am not at the computer.

The appearance of simplicity in this format and the simple language I use to express things here are what I am comfortable with. When I wander through the other blogs it gets to be too much, all the ads down both sides, all the different colors, the different font sizes. I just want to read something, not have to wade through all the distractions to get to something worth reading. I am not judging other blogs, I am only helping myself understand what I like about the simplicity in my blog.

When I check out other bloggers' profiles, many of them have more than one blog. I am content with one.


Causalien said...

Simplicity is good. I think the net needs it.

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Causalien, I am not only in favor of keeping this blog simple, I am in the process of simplifying my life even more with another move. Thanks for stopping by.