September 15, 2011

Talents and Creative Energies

Jilda pointed out some helpful ideas on her blog Transformation Information. Most times when someone speaks about talents, I zone out, as I don't think I have much of that. I hang around some talented folks here at home and online so I don't dwell on my short list.

But Jilda speaks about selling ourselves short when we say we don't have a talent. For me, I really just accepted that I was not given a special talent and I am happy that I have survived a harsh life.

But after reading her post here, I made a list of my talents and creative energies as she suggests in her post. Until now, I had only kept a Gratitude List. This is very different. Thanks, Jilda, for the inspiration. I don't play a musical instrument, I'm not a famous artist, singer, or author, but I know I have lots to contribute and share, and feel good about myself as well as having plenty of time to work on improving the gifts I have been given.

TechnoBabe's Talents and Creative Energies:

Cooking a variety of foods without recipes. I feel like I am a good cook. I enjoy being in the kitchen chopping, preparing and experimenting.

Facing things head-on and dealing with the situation and learning from my part in it.

Mixing paint colors and painting walls or furniture.

Speaking clearly and distinctly to people as I look them in the eye. Communicating.

Home decorating. I can make a tent a home if need be. Turning a house into a home is a fun challenge.

Gardening has recently been added to my list. Planting seeds and watching the tiny green heads pop out and grow into beautiful flowers is feeding my soul like listening to music.

Accepting people without trying to change them (like my kids)allows me to watch my grown kids live their own lives as they make their own mistakes and learn from them. Accepting hubby's idiosyncrasies helps me focus on the good things he does and not the little stuff that would usually bug me.

Keeping my word has always been important to me. I am careful not to make a promise unless I am sure I can deliver.

Being on time for all appointments, no matter how casual. Respecting other peoples schedules is part of that as well as honor in the commitment to meet.

Cutting hair is something I have done from a young age. In my early teens I cut hair for friends as well as my own. Hubby has an in-house personal hair stylist.

Now that I have begun my list, I will update it occasionally. This is another mooring line in my recovery work.


Ms. A said...

That's quite a nice, lengthy list. I fear mine would be much shorter.

Jeni said...

Thanks for pointing out that often we all "short-sheet" ourselves with respect to our own talents. I know I do that -a lot! Not that I have such great talents but a few that you mentioned in your list I can lay claim to also -not to brag -but just that yes, I can do that too in a manner that is quite adequate. Never hurts to give ourselves a bit of an ego boost every now and again to help us remember we all have values to contribute to society and to our families!

Rock Chef said...

Being able to cook without recipies is a great skill to have - most don't really have a clue!

That is a good list, but I am sure there is much more when you get thinking about it. Looking forward to more!

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like you have many many creative talents to me! What a great idea and an excellent list!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh dang, you coulda done my hair! :)

TechnoBabe said...

Ms.A, that was my attitude too until I really thought about it. I know you have many talents. Think about it.

Jeni, you have so many talents, one of which is patience and understanding with your grandkids.

Rock Chef, thanks, you are always so encouraging.

Joe, wow, I thought my list would be boring to any readers, I was just writing it for myself so I would see how many things I could come up with that I feel good about.

Gary, oh yeah, easy peasy.

Jeanie said...

I will have to try a list like this, because, as you previously felt about yourself, I don't feel like I have many talents. I certainly don't have artistic or musical talents, but there are other things that I do well.

DJan said...

What a great idea! And you are definitely very talented, forgetting to add that you write a cool blog! Wish I had YOU around to cut my hair...

Brian Miller said...

smiles. great list techno and i agree that i think you will continue to add to are immensely talented...smiles.

Life 101 said...

Wow, look at all the talents you have! If my blog never helps another soul......well in some small way I encouraged
You. Thanks for letting me know I helped and for passing
On your thoughts to your readers.
Blessings and love

Jilda said...

sorry, for some reason my post showed up as Rick's life 101.....
but in fact it was me!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

You didn't list your blog design and swinging gadget have so much going on. Sounds like a great, all-round, well-adjusted person of talent to me.

lisleman said...

Of course I've never communicated with you in person but from reading many of your posts (like this one) I know you are great at expressing a message.
We all can play a part in this big world. Lots of unique parts make up the whole.

Eileen said...

Your writing skills! You forgot to add that to your list!

I love your list and helps to get a clearer picture of you.

I don't feel Blessed with a talent for anything (except for good penmanship and only when I write slowly and I really take my time), so I'll have to think about that.

Great post!
Love, Eileen

Kristina P. said...

I could definitely use your painting skills in our new place!

TechnoBabe said...

Jeanie, it was a struggle at first and then it became fun when I found things I think of as my talents.I hope you work on your list too.

DJan, it makes a difference in recovery to work on self esteem, and this list does that.
It would be fun to cut your hair!

Brian, it was a challenge at first but this was a beginning list; I will indeed expand the list occasionally.

Jilda, yes you did help me very much; I was happy to share with all who read this blog. The list is a great idea.

Rosemary, thanks for the insight into how you perceive me. If I have progressed to the place as you see me, then I have come a long way.

lisleman, we are all unique and yet we all fit together; in fact, we are in this thing of life together. Your encouragement is appreciated.

Eileen, if you start your list with good penmanship and think about it all day you will begin adding more things to your list. I hope you do it.

Kristina, painting is something that has always been fun for me. I would like helping you paint your new place. Have you already moved to the new place?

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I accepted the fact long ago that I'm one of those who might be a little above average in several things but will never actually excel at anything. I'm going to run off and make my own list now - I think it's a great exercise and another type of gratitude list - to acknowledge the gifts we've been given so that we can develop them and use them to help others. Great post! (and looking at your list, I say you are definitely gifted in several areas!)

Jayne said...

Oh wow, that apple--hugh-how the heck does that work?! That's talent.

Loved this post. Ditto on Barbara--I think it's a great exercise. We so often think too little of ourselves. It's funny how recognizing our strengths is more difficult than recognizing our weaknesses.

Wish I knew how to cut hair. ;)

Stickup Artist said...

That's some list, really great! And you forgot that you are a talented writer and blogger too. What a great exercise. I learn so many helpful and positive things here...

Life 101 said...

I like the stuff on your list. To me, music, art, acting is a form of communication. Being a good communicator is important in my book.
Cutting hair is less important to me than it was back when I had hair to cut :) Thanks for the shoutout on Jilda's blog.
(this really is Rick)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Isn't it interesting how tough we can be on ourselves-- All of your readers, myself included, KNOW how talented you are. I'm glad you made the list and will keep adding to it. And I LOVE that you included "keeping your word". That's so important.

Love to you and James. Happy weekend, jj

Fancy said...

An interesting post garnished with wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing your talents and creative energies.

Much appreciated!!

Enchanted Oak said...

I'm proud of you for writing this wonderful list of your strengths and talents. Affirmation of ourselves is an important part of recovery, I think.
God never makes junk. He makes lilies, oceans, mountains, and people like us.

Hilary said...

That's a great list and it inspires me to think about those qualities that I might not have considered talents for myself. Thanks for this. I could use a trim, please? ;)

Syd said...

You have a lot of talents. In the beginning, I was told by my sponsor to have an affirmation list.