May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

This is a memorable Memorial Day!

This is the first Memorial Day holiday in a new area about 1500 miles from where we were living for quite a few years.

The memorable part is that I have very little memory of where we were living until about a month ago! It is so peaceful and pleasant in this part of the country that all the stress and rush and noise and foul moods and crime and traffic jams and smog and high prices are distant memories. Not part of my everyday life anymore.

There are a few more boxes to unpack but they are stacked in the garage and out of the way, so when I need something I read the list on the boxes and find what I want.

This is still a great country to live in, and Memorial Day has more meaning than big sales at the furniture stores and barbequed hot dogs and burgers. Now more than ever!

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Fancy said...

This is a great Memorial Day story and a real pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing, Technobabe.