June 07, 2007

A Power Greater Than...

Meet 3C438, a galactic cluster a few bleems away, which features a titanic energy burst radiating from the center. The Chandra Telescope shot this picture, but the words used to describe the energy burst blew me away.

"Equivalent to one billion exploding Suns."

Kinda puts things in Perspective, don't it?

In Recovery, we come to believe in a Power Greater Than Ourselves.

For me, 3C438 is an example of this power. Since I don't do Religion, my Higher Power is a benevolent, interactive Universe, with the local Natural World as a guide.

Thanks for letting me share.


that frolicsome kid said...

That is such a beautiful galaxy. And the energy is equivalent to 1 billion exploding Suns?! Wow, that's creepy, yet enthralling.

Hahahaha, the universe has so many wonders. There's also a nebula (I think) which is called the Eye of God. Looks pretty too. =)

Anonymous said...

I've never seen "creepy, yet enthralling" written so close together, and somehow they're perfect for this context... well done!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Hi Technobabe,

Cosmology is one of my passions... I can't get enough of the amazing, fabulous, awe inspiring, completely wonderous universe that is our home.

I seriously can't get over it!

I could just contemplate one little expoding star, for, like, a year or two! LOL!

Thanks for sharing this with us sweetie!

Lots of love,


Lorna said...

It is mind boggling, isn't it? I love to star gaze...........brings me such peacefulness. hugssssssss

Chuck Cliff said...

I've been thinking about this for a while.

One thing is that the glory of the Milky Way, which was obvious to the naked eye -- is GONE, you can see it, if you're lucky, but the glory is clouded by the general dimming of the skies. Soo, being able to see some of the glory from pictures taken from space born telescopes is good, but, still, it's strange...

The other thing I think of is ID and Creationism shit -- and I think perhaps the backlying reason for their appeal is not religious but the fact that science in general and astronomy in particular puts a stake through the heart of the (mis)conception that WE ARE THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE -- which, in turn is, infantile.