September 02, 2007

Music, Music, Music

"Guitar strings are the toner cartridges of the guitar industry"
explained James Winningham, guitar play extraordinaire, as he was relating the guitar playing business to a full time office employee person.
"Guitar players hate to change strings, so there are new tech strings coated or wrapped in something, called Elixir Strings, that are twice the price of regular strings."
Listen to the clip of James' music in the sidebar of this blog. He is currently finalizing 7 original tunes for an upcoming CD.
I found some info on the Elixir Strings on Guitar Talk:
"If you like the smoothness of the Elixir strings, I highly recommend the D'Addario Flat Tops and D'Addario Chromes. I exclusively use Flat Tops and Chromes, and have never experienced breakage or defects with any of them. Two of my instruments actually had the same set of Flat Tops on them for nearly three years, and they never broke or sounded "old." I finally changed the string sets on both instruments, out of sheer embarrassment that I left the same strings on my instruments for such an insane amount of time. D'Addario Flat Tops were the obvious choice for the new sets!"

At Key Note Music:
"Strings are not just strings. They are the connection between you and your music. When strings go dead, so goes the inspiration to play. After all, who wants to play when strings feel crusty and their sound is dull and muddy? It's a curse we lived with for years.
With a vision to change the world one set of strings at a time, Elixir set out to develop the cure for the common string. Strings that deliver great tone for a really long time. Strings that stay feeling clean and smooth.

Living with a guitar player has its rewards: He plays for ME!! He sings to ME! He is marrying ME! And I am learning more every day from a wonderfully talented musician/composer.

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Chuck Cliff said...

You know what it feels like when you've just taken a nice shower? That's what it feels like with new strings!