February 24, 2008

Chili For Breakfast

We chopped green peppers, lots of onions, and opened cans of black beans, pinto beans, and kidney beans while ground turkey and chili seasoning browned on the stove. These ingredients were placed in the crock pot and stewed tomatoes were added to the mix.

We awoke to the smell of chili.

We scrambled eggs and poured chili on top.

How's that for a hearty breakfast???

Like the shrimp in Forest Gump, we can do chili dogs, chili nachos, chili and cheese, chili on baked potato, chili rice, chili spaghetti, chili burritos, chili fries, chili casserole, chili macaroni, and chili and shrimp!

Guess that makes us full of beans!


Chuck Cliff said...

Beans are good, beans are cool, beans are yum, I eats them with great delight even though (hell, maybe because they make air in my tummy tum

Anonymous said...

Hi there, glad you agree about the goodness of chili beans! We will be eating chili dogs later today!