August 12, 2008

Spinning Up, Down, Sideways

For some reason I have heard the phrase downward spiral more often than upward spiral. Maybe that is because for most of my life I settled for the downer.

First of all, I have to be facing toward the front to move forward. And I do want that. Living in the present entails being in acceptance of current situations as they pertain to me.

My husband is bipolar. He was working so hard to complete a dream of composing music and playing guitar and putting out a CD. I watched him spiral into a manic state to a place that he was unable to completely finish the music and he is now is a mental health facility. I believe he was taking his meds but he would not seek professional help while he was still able to. Since I don't have bipolar disorder, I can't judge or criticize at all. It is so painful to see someone self destruct and remain powerless to help.

The peaceful life we moved 1500 miles to attain has slipped through our fingers. We did have a short time to enjoy it.

The near future is unknown as well as any long term events. Getting through each day one at a time right now is all we can do.


Fancy said...

Take heart, Technobabe! The sun will shine again, so to speak, and all will be well. Be blessed!

I will, definitely, keep you and your family in my prayers.

TechnoBabe said...

Thank you so much, Fancy.
This is such a difficult time.

Fancy said...

Have a good weekend, Technobabe! May God bless and keep you in your hour of need.