April 08, 2007


First impressions.
Concern with what others think.
How do I look.
Ruled by opinions of others.
That which seems to be real.
Image rules.
Facade; illusion.
Appear publicly.
Engage attention.

From About Entrepreneurs:

"Within the first three seconds of a new encounter, you are evaluated… even if it is just a glance.

People appraise your visual and behavioral appearance from head to toe. They observe your demeanor, mannerisms, and body language and even assess your grooming and accessories – watch, handbag, briefcase. Within only three seconds, you make an indelible impression. You may intrigue some and disenchant others.

This first impression process occurs in every new situation. Within the first few seconds, people pass judgment on you – looking for common surface clues. Once the first impression is made, it is virtually irreversible."

How important IS it? IS IT?


deuddersun said...

Hmmm, never really gave it much thought, lol!


Causalien said...

It is only important to those who use it to evaluate others.

It can be used against you by most people at the higher echelon of business.

A great "shit test" by some bosses with real power is to interact with you in Jeans and Tshirt. If you take the advice of that article, you are in deep trouble.

Power can be felt no matter what the person wears.