November 16, 2009

The Shame And Blame Game

Her: You were snoring again last night.

Him: I'm sorry, did I wake you?

Her: I'm not getting enough sleep.

Him: I'm sorry, are you tired today?

Her: This isn't working for me.

Him: I'm sorry.


Ronda Laveen said...

Well, lots...well, some things can be changed with the snoring other than seperate rooms. You're the science girl. Check it out.

Shadowthorne said...

If we are worried about the quality of our sleep will be seriously hampered by our spouse snoring.... do not get married in the 1st place.

Love is about accepting the flaws.

Shadow said...

oh man, you have my sympathy... but there must be a better way than 'shame and blame'.

Brian Miller said...

oh, cant let a little snoring get in the way of love...small carrots up the inexpensive...does wonders for your sleeping, ok, maybe not

TechnoBabe said...

Hubby's remark when he read this post was "Ouch". We do have a little snore issue here but this post is not in any way indicative of our way of dealing with it. We laugh about it and we take naps if we need to. My post was mostly fiction to match the great graphic I found. All is well in Technoland.

Margie said...

Ha! You gave me a chuckle!
And, loved the graphic you picked to go with your post!

Oh, thank you for your wonderful comment this morning on my post.
I really did appreciate it!

Have a great day!


Ina in Alaska said...

I sleep so soundly that bombs could explode and I would not wake up, loud TV does not wake me up, nor a light being on wake me up! However, I wake up early! have to read the paper, then the blogs, then get ready for work. Get out of bed, followed by three little critters, get coffee ready, ah, the day has begun!

T. A. Smith said...

My grandfather snored loudly. My father snored loudly. My husband snores when he's exhausted or sick. I've been told I snore. I guess I always just chalked snoring up as one of those endearing traits that one misses terribly when the person is gone. My grandfather and father are both gone. I would love to hear that snoring again. Thanks for the post. Stop by my site if you have the chance. I mentioned you in my latest post.

otin said...

They make some throat spray... I heard it works!

Berni said...

I am the one who snores my husband doesn't make a sound. Because he wears hearing aids it is not too bad but sometimes he has to nudge me a bit. I sleep on the couch quite often.

Big Dave T said...

When I worked for the Otolaryngology department at a local hospital, folks with really bad snoring often underwent a uvulapalatopharyngoplasty. That sometimes helped.

Isnt' that the biggest word you ever saw though?

Badass Geek said...

I snore. Loudly.

I hear this conversation all the time.

Shrinky said...

Och, accepting the flaws is all fine and well, but not if it demands you turn into a Zombie for lack of sleep! I find a sharp kick, or an elbow to the ribs works a treat every time. (Evil grin.)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh, I feel your snoring pain! Been there done that.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.


Unknown Mami said...

My mom switches bedrooms in the middle of the night because of my step dad's snoring. I don't blame her.