December 24, 2006

Sharing And Caring

Found in the comments on Crazy Bird's post "Remembering My Uncle Al":

"I remembered that as we were growing up, having a father who was schizoid and abusive to his wife and children, a man who also left us high and dry on more than one occasion. Uncle Al would send Mom money for food and clothes, rent, and we were his church that was his place of tithing."

I think this is a great way to think about sharing what we have with someone who has a need; this is the first description of tithing that sounds reasonable to me. To participate in life and share willingly without regret and without expectation of anything in return.

Thanks, Chuck, for posting the entire comment.


happy and blue 2 said...

I agree that tithing should be helping our fellow man..
Hope you have a Merry Christmas..

Fancy said...

An impressive post! I believe in the fundamental ideal of sharing, as a compassionate response to the needs of others. It seems to me that although we have the capacity to rise above adversity, it is the noble ideal of sharing that builds a more enlightened and caring society. Thanks for sharing, Technobabe!

Merry Christmas!!

deuddersun said...

May the Holidays bring Joy, Peace and Love to you and James!

You have saved me from myself many times recently, consider that a form of "tithing" as well. For that I am truly grateful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Happy, thanks for your comment, I always welcome your input. And thanks for the Christmas wishes. Same back atcha good buddy!!!

Fancy, Did you go read the whole post on Crazy Bird? For some reason the reference to tithing in the comment jumped out at me. I like the way you describe sharing as noble. Merry Christmas, Fancy!

D, so glad my little blog is of any help. You truly get the "tithing" thing so welcome to the club of sharing and caring. I truly hope your holidays are spectaculastic!!