December 23, 2006

Sweetness and Delight

Sounds from the kitchen. Sweet boyfriend must be making bread. Love that bread.

Then he comes up behind me and says, "Close your eyes". I did.

Sweet boyfriend takes my hand and puts it on something cold. Hmmm.

"Take a bite". I did.

Wow!! Like love nectar to the senses!!

Sweet boyfriend made us a batch of fudge. Wow!!

Can't stop saying that.

The reason this is so monumental is that for almost four months we have had no refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, or refined "enriched" flour in our house. The only sweetener I have used is honey and very little of that.

The fudge is delicious. More than a special treat. That is the actual pic of the plate of fudge.

What could the ingredients be in this awesome fudge without sugar???

Sweet boyfriend JamesRaven will share the recipe. Thank you, sweetheart.

Howdy howdy, y'all. Here's my recipe. Fiddle with it anyway you want, it's almost impossible to screw up, unless you forget it on the stove and fry the carob:

1 10 oz package Sunspire Brand Vegan Carob Chips
1 cup natural peanut butter
1/4 cup pure honey
1/2 cup milk

Mix together, and put on low heat until melted.
Pour into 8" x 8" pan
Garnish with chopped sunflour seeds, or chopped peanuts, or Grape Nuts

I put it in the freezer to harden, then after a half-hour it's ready.

Mega Yummy, and zero sugar.

1 comment:

Causalien said...

Wow sweet.
I am starting a 30 day trial of vegetarian diets to see how it's like.
This will definitely be one of them.