May 27, 2007

Killing Us Softly

I saw this BlogAd, and immediately clicked it because I'm interested in the connection between food, mood, marketing, and (gasp!) politics. TechnoBabe and I have been losing weight steadily since the first of the year, and being physically closer - as in less of us between us - has been a delicious surprise, besides the personal validation of permanently changing our beliefs about food. I've also eliminated the high blood pressure, high cholesterol/triglycerides, and pre-diabetic conditions for which my exasperated doctor was prepared to medicate me. Nyah nyah... Obesity caused all of that, and when I dropped 30 lbs since November, all of that stopped happening. Who knew?

Anyway, I clicked on the ad and went here, where I was encouraged to support healthy, fresh. local food.


But, cynic that I am, I decided to keep clicking. At the bottom of the site I found "Farm and Food Policy Project."

Okay, but tell me more.

I clicked that and noticed "Food And Society Home" in the sidebar.

So then I clicked "Who We Are", and was not surprised to find out who wanted us to demand more healthy fresh local food.


You know, the people who bring us...Apple Jacks®, Cocoa Krispies™, Eggo®, Froot Loops®, Frosted Flakes®, Pop-Tarts®, Rice Krispies®, Special K®?

So, if I understand this process correctly, the people who make the food that creates obesity which causes the 100 billion dollar tab every year... are exhorting us to write letters to Congress to make them support fresh local food.

Killing us softly, indeed. Like cigarette manufacturers creating dummy foundations telling us to plant trees. Domination through diversion.

During our journey out of food addiction, we killed all the myths we carried about food. You know, what a "meal" is, what a "diet" is, what "full" is, what "exercise" is, etc. The surprise was learning that our bodies slyly anticipate a rapid, but predictable, drop in calories, and by adopting a random pattern of eating, with random selections, but ever-smaller portions, the body's starvation-response mechanism can be fooled. We do not count calories or fat grams or carbs. We eat no refined sweeteners or refined grains. We cook together, and I'm talkin' in and out of the kitchen ;-)

Oh, and the television? We don't have one. We have no idea what the next swell new processed food product is, or the next cereal to be made from some candy bar.

We're off that teat.

Thanks for letting me share...

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