May 21, 2007

Working On My Rough Spots

Medium grade sandpaper following the contours and removing some of the rough spots.

Sometimes there is so much that needs to be removed that it takes longer to do the job.

Sometimes it takes so much energy and focus that the job has to be put aside until there is energy and enthusiasm to begin again using different tools.

After much time and diligent labor, it is finally at the point that a fine sandpaper can be used, and it takes less effort to remove the unwanted component. There is definition as well as signs of accomplishment. But this is not complete. Much work still to be done. Much has been achieved.

I have been working on things within myself and for myself, clearing away the things that are not healthy and learning to stay in the moment. I have been attending meetings and listening and absorbing and reading and in my own way praying and learning to believe. I have come to believe that I am worth it.


Causalien said...

You are worth it.

Fancy said...

This is a great article, Technobabe. "Learning to stay in the moment" is the first principle of happiness - a true path to enlightenment.

Keep working on your rough spots. It's the only way to go. :):)

Lorna said...

Yes, you are very much worth it! I think my sandpaper is still at the rough stage, but I can feel the fine paper is coming closer. hugsssssssss

Pookie said...

TechnoBabe- you are a great inspiration. You have an amazing writing ability. Great Job! Yes! You are definately worth it & more!

that frolicsome kid said...

I have yet to achieved that stage. I really need to rectify the faults in myself before I can proceed using the sandpaper. *sigh*

And of course, you are worth it! =D

Now to apply this on myself.

TechnoBabe said...

Causalien, thanks. Hope things are going well for you.

TechnoBabe said...

Fancy, staying in the moment for me means to be present and not to drift into oblivion, my usual place.

Hi Lorna, we all use the sandpaper off and on and right now it is really rough paper.

Pookie, glad to hear from you. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I was using a borrowed computer for a few weeks and now I have a new computer so I need to find the blogs I used to visit.

Hey Kid, You have achieved so much for a young person of your age. Keep up the good work.