May 30, 2007

Whatcha' Consuming?

This research report (.pdf) and the graphic above goes a long way to help us understand how we're viewed by the people who compete for our ears and eyeballs. Well, and wallets, too, huh?

We're consumers. Spenders. Shoppers. Buyers. And we're not behaving like we're told.

The report and this article tell us that we've stopped buying CDs not because of piracy, but because so many ways to consume, spend, shop, and buy media entertainment are competing for our time, we're moving away from the old model, to the horrified gnashing of capped CEO teeth and rending of corporate garments.

TechnoBabe and I haven't bought a physical CD since we've been together. Lots of iTunage, but no crippled disks with a fixed playlist thereon. We spend the most on Amazon for books. We spend nothing on television, since we don't have one, and we spend $20/month on broadband, $10/month on Netflix, $8/month on Live 365 web radio.

What do you do with your entertainment time/budget?


Coffee Messiah said...

Like you, and slightly different (our broadband is way higher) and now do spend a bit more on book reading.

Our trip to Seattle I actually purchased 3 hard to find CDs (one box w/3) for the first time in 2 yrs.

Other than that, we're not on the map for spending! ; )

that frolicsome kid said...

My entertainment mostly comes from the Internet, games and books with the occasional favourite TV programs. I rarely listen to music, so I spend none of my money on CDs, Ipods and whatnot.

I guess I can say that I don't spend much money on entertainment except maybe books and games. =P

Michelle said...

Up until recently we had no entertainment budget. Been some long mean lean years, which seem to be fading into the past at last.

Nowadays.. we have a basic TV license (I do love Spring Watch and the Time Team archeaology digs - sorry!) and internet connection. Beyond that gardening is now our only real entertainment spending. Doesn't come to much though as we bought all our pots etc from the recycle centre and the plants from a local nursery that's fairly cheap.

It's worth it to eat Irish stew flavoured with fresh orange thyme right out the garden. ;-)