July 06, 2007

Giving Up Daydreaming and Living For Real

I spent most of my life daydreaming. Not in a soft romantic way. Not in a planning the next day way. My daydreaming was a way to hide away from the cold cruel world and not be myself. I didn't have to feel real feelings or deal with real issues and I chose not to participate in my own life.

Too many things happened to me as a child and as a young adult that prompted my "absentmindedness" so to speak. To cover up the pain and to help me survive, I chose to close down and hide myself away and not get close to anyone and not let anyone see me and know the real me. That was hard work!!

Today I am getting to know myself. Today I am awake. Today I am feeling. Today I am getting healthy.

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Fancy said...

An interesting article, Technobabe. In fact, knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom, a solid foundation for success. Thanks for the thought.