July 28, 2007

TechnoBabe Needs More Technical Expertise

Wow! For the past two weeks TechnoBabe has had to watch helplessly while James struggled with the physical demands of the move to the new domicile. The dog has not stopped barking for longer than 10 minutes in the two and a half weeks we have been in the new place. The computers were down for two weeks due to problems in the phone line so there was no DSL and when we switched to cable company for digital service they were unable to provide the service as well. So my persistent fiance worked for two days to learn the ins and outs of wireless service and set us up on our own wireless network. What a guy!!! And to make it even better, the cell phone service was not available at the new place either. The cell phone was with a different carrier than the DSL so that meant two companies to be contacted every day, and the only way he could contact anyone was to drive a few blocks away to the parking lot of the grocery store and make calls. I was at work during the day so I was not able to help and even if I had been here I could not have helped as I am a dope about hooking up the internet and not the technobabe as advertised. The truth is out. The techno behind the babe is James.
And I am so very grateful to him for hanging in there and completing the move and the trials and tribulations that went with it.

So we are getting settled in the new place, a few boxes left to unpack. The pictures are on the walls and we have cooked on the new stove.

This is a tribute to an amazing man who has endured and won. And won my heart again and again and again.


Chuck Cliff said...

Wireless rocks once it works. The best security is WPA-PSK.

Good sailing for the both of you in your new ship.

Fancy said...

Great post, Technobabe. Enjoy your new domicile and the exciting wireless network.

Be blessed!