July 19, 2007

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of The Ex

We all have at least one ex. An ex-spouse, an ex-lover, an ex-friend. The key being EX. The longer we were in the relationship with the ex, it stands to reason the longer it takes to get over the ex. Even if it was an abusive relationship, we seem to want to carry around the memories and bring them out once in awhile like a photo album.

The question is: How long should it take to phase out the ex? I know the memories cannot and should not be eradicated. The experiences with the ex were a stepping stone to the present.

If we are harboring feelings of shame or remorse for any behavior toward the ex or any unkindness to the ex, even more difficult to clean out the closet completely.

I could shell out the $14.95 here for a book to help get over the ex, or I could just get over it. I choose the latter.

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Chuck Cliff said...

How long?

Having been through the mill a couple of times, I'd say, if there are children in the mix -- never.

But, just for something as simple as survival, one thing one must give up is the urge for revenge.