December 20, 2010

Christmas Lights

Which type of Christmas light putter-upper are you?

Enjoy the Christmas lights.

Found on Sand in the Gears.


Bernie said...

I love Christmas lights, my husband and I always decorated beautifully but since he passed away I am unable to do them on my own.....its okay. I have my memories and I enjoy seeing all the homes lit up......:-)Hugs

msprimadonna67 said...

Normally, I love to put up lots of lights. This year, though, I'm so far behind that I feel like I might have to let that go.

Cricket said...

I guess I'm a "ditto." I enjoy seeing other people's, though, even if they're extreme. Especially, if they're extreme, in fact.

I'm more of a "candle in each window" type. Still, there seems to be two choices: decorate tastefully, or go absolutely nuts. Both of those work for me.

There is that odd middle ground: too many to be tasteful, not enough to be over-the-top, that should be, I think, avoided.

Dave King said...

I'll put them anywhere by any method. Give me lights - and keep me away from the rest of the decorations!

Brian Miller said...

ok, i put none up...but love to go look at them...mine just get all tangled and....ugh

R. J. said...

We are more like the house on the right side in your photo--"ditto". We do no holiday lights, not ba humbug, just indifferent. Have a Happy Hallmark Holiday.

Anne H said...

Bwaha haaa haaa!
I love that.
We have the same kind of humor!

TechnoBabe said...

Bernie, memories are wonderful, aren't they? We are surprised at all the homes lit for the holidays in this little town.

msprimadonna67, you can only do so much in a busy life. Enjoy your holiday.

Cricket, this photo just cracked me up. I know what you mean about liking the extreme. Like everything in life, we all like different things. Good to have variety.

Dave, can you come to our house next year and do the lights?

Brian, yes, lights are so tangled and difficult to untangle but so pretty when the job is done.

R.J., I think we are more the ditto type too. We have a few lights up on the front porch but not all over the roof or plants and trees. Just enough to be cheerful.

Jeanie said...

I marvel at the amount of lights some people hang and I love to see them. We have some lighted candy canes, but that is about it.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

we have a few lights around inside the living room...which can been seen in today's blog post :)

DJan said...

The massive overdone lights are interesting, but I'm not sure I would really enjoy living in that house. Ditto would be more fun. We don't do lights in our apartment, but several other residents have put lights around the main picture window in the living room and it looks nice. I thought about doing it next year myself.

TALON said...

Wow - that's some light action in that photo! That house is glowing!

We put up lights. Nothing over the top, but I just love how the lights soften the winter nights...and make the neighborhood cheerful.

Lori said...

We usually put up lights but haven't this year in an effort to keep the electric bill down. We will pop some popcorn and take a drive a night this week and look at the lights with the little's. While they love the homes that go all out, I tend to like the simplier ones. In early December we drove through this place out in the country that puts on a light and music show and you can leave a donation and it all goes to a charity. It was pretty awesome.

Kristina P. said...

We just have a condo. But we have our own landing with stairs, so I put garland and lights on that.

Wandering Coyote said...

Man, I look at pictures like that and think "very pretty, but what about the electric bill?"

No lights for me. I can't be bothered.

LL Cool Joe said...

Not too many, we have a small tacky display in our porch, and the tree has white lights on it, plus a light up Father Christmas and Snowman. I pretend I do it for the kids, but I like it too. :D

Stickup Artist said...

I love that photo. Especially what the neighbors did with the ditto and arrow. We put up a colorfully lit tree and I have many ornaments from my childhood which I love. It's low key but brings us much joy. Have a wonderful week enjoying your first Christmas in your new home!

TechnoBabe said...

Jeanie, Some homes have lights on everything, and it is pretty and festive, but we wouldn't have that many lights up.

Gary, I wonder if Penny would want a collar that lights up.

DJan, we put a few lights up last year and this year so we must be getting more into the spirit of the holidays.

Talon, yes, I too like how lights make the neighborhood cheerful.

Lori, I like your plan to pop popcorn and drive around to see the lights.

Kristina, adding greenery and lights makes the season special.

Wandering Coyote, the electric bill is a concern for many of us these days.

LL Cool Joe, I like that you admit you like the lights too. Smile.

Stickup Artist, I agree, the photo is fun. Same good wishes to you.

Happy Frog and I said...

Lovely photo. I like putting up lights. Usually snowflake ones in the kitchen window, lots of LED lights trailing out of vases and fruit bowls around the house and red berry lights on the Christmas tree.

Jason, as himself said...

Ha! So funny. I love lights but I hate putting them up. So Giancarlo does it, but we have never been able to agree on colored or plain white. So we have a combination, which I don't like either. Oh well. I'm over it.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Neither kind. Not this year. Too busy, and tired. Sigh.

lisleman said...

usually a few lights but not this year. It got cold before I got around to putting them up. Turns out I did more for Halloween this year. I think the overdone houses are too much. I would hate to be a neighbor across the street from some of those houses. I also like some color not just white.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. LOVE the ditto sign : ) Cute. We don't put any up. I think we should. Gary is always working. I am too scared to climb. Oh well!

Maggie May said...

I don't bother much with lights but I have one of those candle arches and that does look pretty when lit.
I have problems when the lights start going & after replacing them they are never the same so I don't bother now.
That is a very over the top decorated house......... but it is lovely!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Berni said...

This is the first time we have put up lights since we have been married (13 years) but we have family and grandsons coming for Christmas so we decided to make an effort. It is a bit humble compared to your picture but each year we hope to improve on it. Many blessings for the next year and hope you have an enjoyable Christmas

Joanna Jenkins said...

I LOVE that. The family on the right is my kind of people. I love the lights but not the work.

This cracked me up Techno. Thanks.

Merry Christmas, jj

Mama Zen said...

I'm a Ditto kind of girl!

Cheryl said...

I like the simplicity of the Christmas tree and candles in the window, lighting the dark. I so loved to take my three children when they were little on nightly rides to look at all the Christmas lights...listening to the oohing and aahing from them was a delight! Merry Christmas!

Syd said...

That is so funny with the Ditto and arrow. We put up enough lights but tend to keep it pretty simple. No "Joe's Bar and Grill" look here. I like the simple candle in each window and some lights on the front railings of the steps.

TechnoBabe said...

Happy Frog and I, Wow, I would like to see the lights at your house. It sounds so cheerful and festive.

Hi Jason, seems to me if Giancarlo is willing to do the labor to put up the lights he gets to choose the color scheme. Ha.

Mike, I hope things calm down at your house and you get your much needed rest and relaxation.

lisleman, we don't decorate for Halloween so Christmas is fun.

Life with Kaishon, too bad Gary has to work so much. Hugs.

Maggie May, Your candles sound pretty.

Berni, enjoy your family during the holidays.

Joanna, the picture is pretty fun, isn't it?

Mama Zen, ditto.

Cheryl, Seeing the joy in the kids does add to the joy of the holidays.

Syd, I bet your lovely yard is so pretty with Christmas lights.

Robert the Skeptic said...

One year we put up a HUMBUG sign in lights. Fun.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Merry Christmas... I have not forgotten hubby..just my world is in a tizzy right now

Eileen said...

That photo is the best! What a great sense of humor!

We decorate, but just white lights, and not all that many.
I love riding around looking how everyone else decides to celebrate. The grandkids of course love everything 'over the top'! I prefer understated. It's all fun though!
All the best,

Unknown Mami said...

I'm not even the Ditto kind.

Happy Holidays!

CherylK said...

That's a fabulous photo! I think the Ditto house is perfect. We like to put up lights but this year we only had time for one measly little bunch of them across the front porch railing. Still, it looks quite festive, especially with the snow.