June 16, 2011


I have a thing for doors. Most women I know have a thing for shoes but mine is for doors. For most of my life I noticed doors and would save pictures of them from magazines when I was very young. Barely old enough to handle scissors. Today I have a file for door pictures on my computer.

There are screen doors, wood doors, metal doors, double doors, and so much more. Choices. So many shapes too. Standard shape, arch top, windows, bars. OMG the amazing textures.

Some doors have screen doors protecting them. Oh, I know they are put there to let some fresh air into the home, but in my thinking the screen doors also protect the regal front door. The front door is the sentry always on duty with the various locks and chains.

And don't get me started on the hardware on doors. I can spend days in a hardware store looking and drooling over hinges and handles for doors.

Moving so many times in my life has provided opportunities to handle hundreds of door handles in my time. Left my mark like a dog marks his spot on a tree.

Oh, oh, the colors of some front doors! Be still my heart.

I am sure I will be writing more about doors because this is a subject that has much meaning for me.


Ms. A said...

Hubby wants a new front door and storm door. I have no problem getting a new storm door. I'm not the least bit sentimental about that. To replace our front door seems almost sacrilegious. That door has seen all the comings and goings, growing up and growing older, that has taken place in this house. Not sure I'm okay to replace it. Sounds silly when I type it out. Oh well.

Rock Chef said...

My wife has a bit of a thing for doors - especially plain wooden ones. For me they are just something that blocks up a hole in a house ;-)

Shadow said...

aaaah, i hear you, i do! i so appreciate a good-looking door myself! i think a door give the home a personality, a soul...

Brian Miller said...

nice....some pretty cool doors out there...and great symbolism too in doors...doors are cool

Jillsy Girl said...

Oh we're talkin'!! I was actually thinking my next month's challenge might be doors! I think you made my decision! :-) (I might even extend it to include windows)

Jillsy Girl said... might want to consider waiting to post more about doors! ;-)

LL Cool Joe said...

Wow I've never really noticed doors, as long as they close and lock I'm happy. :D Now I'll view them in a new light. :D

Betty said...

Who knew you could be passionate about doors? :)
I guess to each his/her own. My passion is still shoes. haha

R. J. said...

Yes, I love those shoes, but I can totally relate to your thoughts about doors. I grew up in a house with a screen door on the front and back doors of the house. The summer breezes were special and even as a child I enjoyed that. I didn't enjoy the morning the screen door was slightly ajar and a snake slithered inside through the crack. I was sitting on the floor nearby and almost had a heart attack. I never see a screen door without remembering that snake. I still want a screen door on my front door but we haven't added one yet. Tell us more about doors.

Jeanie said...

My favorite is an old fashioned screen door that slams every time someone comes or goes. I well remember the one on the back door of the house I grew up in.

Anne H said...

TechnoBabe -
I think my link is messed up to your site -
please check it as soon as possible!
Maybe it's just my machine -
but every link takes me to another blogger named
Technobabe - and her adventures are not the same as yours!
Go to my blog and back check your link!
Something is rotten in the state of blogger!

lisleman said...

Doors do make good pictures. I think locks are interesting but I don't really know too much about them. Maybe my next hobby should be lock picking.

Oh I replied to your email about the URL mess.

Everyday Goddess said...

I recently saw a lovely door painted a glossy lime green, very cheerful!

Margie said...

I like doors too!
We just recently painted our front door red and I love it that color!

Margie :)

Eddie Bluelights said...

Interesting about your liking for doors. I've hung a few in my time and painted a lot.
I think I will tell you some door jokes:

1. When is a door not a door
Answer: When it's ajar.

Knock knock
Who's there
Boo Who
No need to cry it's only a joke.


I have been very busy outside blogLand but pleased to be doing the rounds again.

Oh and I thought I should say I clicked on the link to your site from my blog and got a picture of a very saucy lady. Something got a bit crossed with the website addresses. This is what I clicked on:
I just clicked on your blog on my side bar. Have a look. Not sure what can be done about it.

Best wishes to you and hubby.
Eddie x

Mama Zen said...

I love wooden doors!

DJan said...

Got the blog problem straightened out by removing your blog from my sidebar and reentering using the blogspot domain name.

All is well now. Now I can read this post for real!

Hilary said...

I see that Cricket and I were not the only ones who discovered someone else was having adventures.

I suspect you've had some very beautiful doors in your time. I can see why you might love them. Doors and their thresholds are much like bridges.

TALON said...

This is neat because I've got a thing about doors, too. Not only are they the passage-ways into our homes, but they tell stories about the house and the people inside them before you even enter. Can't wait to hear more about your love of doors, TechnoBabe.

Big Dave T said...

I remember one of my favorite wall hangings at work was a large picture of three old doors. I'd bet you'd love checking out the doors of Europe. A lot of character in the homes over there, I think.

Hmmmm, I sometimes try to get to your blog via my bookmarks, but this time it took me to a "technobabe" x-rated site. Don't know what's up with that.

lisleman said...

I was just checking that link problem of yours. I'm very curious about this stuff because of my engineering and blogging background. I often just ask why. So someone picked up your old domain name and put it to a new different use.

Until this happened with your blog I never considered the mess this can cause. We leave our internet cookie crumbs all over the internet. I just noticed your google profile needs an update on the URL too.

All the best. - will you be posting about this mess?

Cricket said...

Ah. Well, I'm here istead of where I was. Not sure if I can get my siderbar straight. I thought I had but I guess not for now.

But yeah, doors, huh? I have a few favorites, not to mention the bang of a screen door on a spring. Something summer about that.

Mine is green with a brass claddagh knocker. Old fashioned brass mail slot and handle. I'm fond of old doors with the turnkey doorbell also.

Well, speaking of knockers, back to my settings to try and fix 'em. ;-)

Stickup Artist said...

I have seen many posters on just such a theme, and actually hired a photographer (way before I myself got into photography) and produced a "Doorways" poster for a client to sell in her shop that sold all things related to doorways. I think a doorway has symbolic meaning for us. It is always curious to know what lays beyond that facade or portal.

PS. I don't know if anyone else has reported this, but if I click on your link in my blog roll, I'm redirected to a very undesirable webpage. I have deleted and re-entered your URL to no avail so had to remove the link. Hopefully, like many things blogger, it will clear up in a day or two.

Unknown Mami said...

I love doors too. That love does not however interfere in the slightest with my love of shoes.

I love red doors and metal doors and double doors.

secret agent woman said...

I like doors, too, especially old wooden doors and arched ones.

Here's a weird thing - my google reader now directs me to a porn site for your address! ( Did you change uls?

Momma Fargo said...

Very neat post. I check out doors whenever I see old houses or old artchitecture. Love the big ornate ones.

Cinner said...

I cane over via James blog....what the heck hey. I love doors, to me they are all about choices, which door to take, what color to paint, who lives behind them etc. be well.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I just installed a cool fancy wood screen door for my daugher's condo.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

OMG, I am so glad to find you again. The link to your blog in my blog roll now goes to a porn site called "The Technobabe." Seriously. I've been searching all over my computer for your email address, which I've lost, but just thought of trying a link from a comment of yours to my blog and it worked. I was so worried about you, Babe.

soubriquet said...

Funny... I was in the attic at my place of work a few days ago, where I stashed a load of doors from the old (1865) mill that was demolished a few years back. We saved a lot of stuff, so there are doors in there from the old offices, with etched glass panels.
we're refurbishing bits of the main mill, right now, but those doors are oversize and, crucial to our build, they don't meet modern fire resistance standards. so I was looking at them, thinking of the people who made them, the people who passed through them, over all those years.
You couldn't make them now. Pitch pine. you can't get it, it's illegal to trade in it, apparently. Unless you can find it as demolition recovered timber. That's much sought after by historic boat restorers.
I hate having to replace beautifully made old doors with characterless modern fire-doors.
I love how, when I have to put a lock into an old door, or plane an edge, the scent of the wood is released, the scent of a tree felled a hundred and fifty years ago, filling the air, clean yellow shavings.....

So. In short. you're not alone in liking old doors...

Jilda said...

I like doors too! I find them very revealing and expressive.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love to photograph doors -- Spanish style, Victorian, cavelike, modern, I love them all. I have quite a collection of door pictures, red, blue, green, every shade of wood known, and even the occasional metal one. Or stone. Yes, doors are wonderful in their own right as well as being portals to the treasures within and without.

janeywan said...

Now that you pointed it out I see you, well sort of. Nice door as well.

Syd said...

Nice. I like doors too. In the city, there are many fascinating doors. Ours is thick and big with a brass rim lock. It even has a huge brass key for the rim lock.