June 20, 2011

Going Through Changes

Someone had been parked for two years on the domain name I owned for five years. We failed to renew the name on June 15, so there is a new owner of the domain name "the". The new owner is a corporation with a porn blog.

It is possible I will be changing the name of my blog. Not anytime soon though. My first reaction to the domain name directing people to the porn site was to get the heck out of TechnoBabeville. That still may happen but for now I will plod along and make some adjustments to my blog.

There are many Technobabes online, each with our own unique personalities and tastes. I will be thinking long and hard about keeping or letting go of my online TechnoBabe personna. I have grown comfy with it. I want to remain anonymous and if I change names it would probably have initials CW in the blog title so I would be known as CW. Maybe something like CW's Adventures.

Something I am in the process of doing is going to each blog that I current am a follower. I am checking to see which link I used when I became a follower. If it was the domain name at the time, I unfollow and then become a new follower.

One new thing is that I have added an email address to my profile:
technobabesadventures at gmail dot com.

The only link to this blog now is

Just make sure my link has the part in it; do not use the old domain name.

If you copy and paste blogs into your Reader, the Reader code is

Some readers will probably get lost along the way but I hope to connect up with everyone eventually.

One blessing to come out of this chaos is that hubby realized that his domain name annual payment was due two days after mine was. Which was in the nick of time to update the automatic pay info so he wouldn't lose his domain name too. He had changed his email address and we had changed banks, and forgot all about the annual payments for the domain names.

I told you we are old! I would not want to lose the domain name to his blog about his music. I am with him one thousand percent regarding his composing his music. I never tire of hearing the work he does with his music. He calls it "our" music because I am an intricate part of it. This thrills me and blesses me and fills a place in my being just waiting for a way to share in music to this extent.

By the way, did you see the little ol' hippie lady in the reflection on the front door on the post on doors? Ha.

See the dancing girl in my sidebar? Click on the music bar to hear one of hubby's songs that keep me dancing. He is looking for feedback for the next group of songs he has started. The only feedback he gets is from me. I will be changing the songs periodically so you can hear different styles. One of them is my favorite. I will let you know when that one is on my sidebar.

Have a spectacular week everyone.


Ms. A said...

I absolutely saw that little ol' hippie lady!

Guess you are coming through ok for me... I'm here!

LL Cool Joe said...

I did see your reflection too, but I didn't see anyone old.

I had an old blog that turned into a porn site, and I have no idea how. Kinda made me shudder.

TechnoBabe said...

Ms.A, Glad you caught the reflection.

LL Cool Joe, You are scoring some brownie points with your sweet talk.

Brian Miller said...

ugh sucks on the domain name but seems you are weathering it ok...lots of work going through all the follows, but thanks for the email the other day so i did not stumble upon the new owners...

DJan said...

I also changed your address in my sidebar and on Reader, so all is well. Now I've got to go look at the hippie lady, I missed it completely!

Stickup Artist said...

I'm so glad you did a post about this and totally appreciated the email. It's a lot of work to go thru. I have to say you are taking it all in stride. Good on you keeping it all in perspective and calmly dealing with it. Now, I must go meet your reflection!

Rock Chef said...

The bad part of me says that you should keep your name...

I had a recent dilemma over my email address - "mawaliuk" - when I realised that "mawali" indicates a non-Arab Muslim. Part of me finds it funny that I could be mistaken for someone who wants to turn the UK over to Sharia Law....

Gary's third pottery blog said...

yes, I clicked to you the other day and had a shock...then clicked again, STILL shocking :)

James said...

After all, TechnoBabe didn't change, did she? I can attest to that, you see, and it is pure joy to watch her handle adversity in such a dynamic way. The letters and numbers and domains and https do not define us. Only that small voice within does that, and even that voice is not who we are. TechnoBabe is eternal, as are we all.

TechnoBabe said...

Brian, Thanks for all your kind encouragement.

DJan, You cutie! Glad all is well now.

Stickup Artist, It is only a name, ya know, and things can be repaired and redirected.

Rock Chef, I think you have changed the name of your blog a couple times since I have been following you.

Gary, You are my main potter man so I will always be in touch with you.

James, My dearest one, thank you.

Jayne said...

Don't you just hate it when people park on your domain? They should be ticketed and towed.
Nice, jazzy music, James!

Kristina P. said...

So glad everything is getting worked out, but what a pain!

Ocean Girl said...

I can still read you loud and clear!

Hello Technobabe.

lisleman said...

I'll admit when I first discovered your blog the name did give me a different impression of you than I have now that I've been reading your blog.
I appreciate you explaining this story because I certainly didn't think about the ripple effects of letting a domain name go up for grabs.
BTW my reader links correctly now.

Margie said...

Lots of Technobabes but none of them like you!
You are the best!
Hope this all works out for you!

Margie :)

Margie said...

Oh, just listened to your hubby's music, it's awesome!

terri said...

I'm still getting your updates in my reader, so I must have the right link. How frustrating to have to consider changing your blog name when you really don't want to.

TechnoBabe said...

Jayne, I hate it when people park on anything of mine!

Kristina, A pain indeed.

Ocean Girl, I am glad we can still communicate.

lisleman, what impression was that, pray?

Margie, one way or another, all things work out, don't they?
Glad you enjoyed listening to hubby's music.

terri, glad I had the correct link when I latched onto your blog.

Dave King said...

It happens, but it's damned bad luck for you and your site. I'm sure that if you sign post it from your present blog, we'll all get over, one way or another.

Jilda said...

You will always be Technobabe! Hate that about the porn site, that's the downside to this alter world we live in. Loved the thoughts you left on my blog about California, I do hope you get to go back sometime. Stay dry and keep your head above the water, girl.

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

Hello TechnoBabe!!
Long time no siege.

Was a bit surprised to know that your domain name had turned to the dark side. These things dominated the internet!

Age is only a number, they say. But I do think I am older than my age. Oh let's not talk about that here.

Waiting to read more from you :)

Stinkypaw said...

Cute little dancing girl and good music, bravo!

blueviolet said...

I was wondering what the heck was going on. I hate that people grab up domains like that. There should be some sort of window where you can get it back. :(

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Techno. I'm still having problems making the change "stick" on my sidebar but I'll keep at it.

No matter where your URL is, you know I'll follow you :-)

xo jj

Anonymous said...

Wow, how terrible! And for it to be a porn site - ugh! Thanks for the warning/update!

Shadow said...

i'm so glad to see you're still around, and thanks for your mail. thankfully i didn't digress down any weird paths, you're still right here where you're supposed to be *grin*

Maggie May said...

My reader is getting clutted up with new people who have taken over other Follower's old domains. Wish I knew how to get rid of them. I just delete without reading.
Love your little dancer!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Rock Chef said...

Oh sure, I have varied the title a little - all variations on Rock Chef, of course!

Syd said...

I can only imagine having the confusion of being linked with a porn site. For some reason, abandoned blogs seem to be taken over by weird things. I wonder how that happens.