January 28, 2007


Dave at Energy Healing had a great post and photo the other day:

"Kindness knows not


Kindness knows not


Kindness knows not


Kindness Just


I have been thinking about kindness lately and his post says it so well.
The photo says so much, the gentle gesture.

Kindness is so much more than just being amiable or pleasant. Kindness is
reaching out freely with no reluctance, thinking of the other person and not
expecting anything in return.

There have been times in my life that someone reached out to me in kindness and had no idea how low I was at the time. I think that I have done the same thing for other people once in awhile.

"That best portion of a good man's life,
His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.
~ William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)


that frolicsome kid said...

Thanks for sharing! I find that kindness touch a lot of people, but especially the giver and the receiver. =)

Causalien said...

I find that being kind is a self refining process which takes a lot to achieve. When I look at that picture, I cannot help but feel repulsed by the veiny old hand. I feel that I can not extend true kindness as long as that basic emotional response is there.

Fancy said...

Kindness knows no bounds. A simple act of kindness reaches out to others and energizes the soul; putting a big smile on many faces.

JamesRaven said...

Yes, you have done so for me. All the time. So, yes, and thank you for it.

I love you.

The TechnoBabe said...

Hi Kid, you have a lot of insight for a young person. It is good that you understand that everyone benefits from a simple act of kindness and sometimes it can be a huge influence on someone in desperate need.

Causalien, I always like your honesty and it is so much fun to watch you ponder your feelings and to watch your growth. There was a time when I too was repulsed by pretty much everything about an elderly person, but after having children I started seeing people of all ages as part of the entire universe and therefore connected to me and to my children. So I have come a long way to look at the picture and to appreciate the gentleness passing from one to the other.

Fancy, you know kindness at its best and you pass it around like candy. You are so right that kindness knows no bounds and the smiles may not be visible but the smile may be all the way to the soul.

Jamesraven, the kindness is mutual. As well as the love.

Tisha! said...

Yes Dave said it so well, glad you reposted it

Lorna said...

It all boils down to the golden rule, doesn't it? Treat others as you want to be treated. Great post! :-)

The TechnoBabe said...

Tisha! You are so right, when I saw that on Dave's blog I wanted to put it here and hope it warmed some more hearts.

Hi Lorna, We should treat others at least as we want to be treated; even better would be to be able to treat others with no thought of ourselves.
Believe me, I am not there yet. But when I find blogs that promote the kind of selfless love and respect that it takes to be that kind of person, I pay attention.