January 06, 2007

Worthy: Another Blog Gem

I found this great post at InMyOwnWords and she found it at The Fast Lane. Go check out these blogs, you will find something that is informative and uplifting.
"Belief. Belief in yourself, believing that you’re worthy, believing that you have what it will take, knowing, believing, that you will do or be whatever it might take. When you have that level of belief, of conviction, you will open yourself and your world to the power of the universe. What you want will become. Belief will connect you.

Without belief, without conviction, you will observe life as if from the outside of a glass wall, looking in. Life will pass you by; the things you want to be, have, and do will float on the other side of the glass, out of reach, just ethereal fantasies to taunt you.

Until you believe. Then you know that there is no glass wall. The glass wall was within you, holding you back from having, being, doing.

Believe! It is magic, and with it, anything is possible.

I really like the way this was written; it spoke to me as soon as I read it. I observed life from the outside most of my life even as I blundered through mistakes and downpours of squandered energy. This is one of the blog gems I will save.

It has taken many years, but I finally know I deserve love and respect and peace and I am so blessed to have exactly that in my life at last. Every day is so important, every encounter is for a reason, every thought goes out into the universe and adds to the glorious mix. I finally feel part of the mix. No more holding back. Big sigh.


Carina said...

True but..."what you want will become..."?
Along with belief (same as faith, no?) one needs dedication, talent, some luck, physical & mental ability, nobody in your life who will get in the way, the right confluence in time and place, money...heck all sorts of things. Faith alone doesn't get much acheived, it's just part of the whole picture. Crazy people believe all sorts of things in the face of reality. :)
Oy, I must be having a hormonal moment. Haha!
I love your new pots and pans. Now, I am jealous!

The TechnoBabe said...

Hi Carina, glad you visited. We are having so much fun with the new pots and pans, so much easier to cook with and easy clean up.
You live too far away to share the pans with you!
Wow, you really did stir up a lot of good ideas, absolutely the physical and mental ability comes into play. For me, I read that post as something that was affirming things going on inside me this past year that have to do with feeling worthy. Not worthy enough to achieve, so I certainly could not aspire to much in life. This post spoke to me about how much believing in yourself is part of the feeling connected or disconnected in this rough world.

beepbeepitsme said...

RE: belief
Belief Puzzle

Carina said...

I do not disagree with the basic premise, absolutely! I must have been in a peevish mood last night. But, it does take more than mere belief, I guess. Whatever "it" is.
Thank you for defining vacation for me. :) I am going to take some more photos of the job progression today. Yes, it's the weekend and I am working all of it. All of a sudden I am swamped!

Causalien said...

A more modified version of "what you want will become". I find that the more detail you define in what I want, the less happy I am with the outcome. In the process, missing many other chances that could've been good, just not accepted by myself. Again, it's what I believed I wanted that blocked those opportunities.

Achieving a very anal goal I set for myself is great though.

Tisha! said...

Both that post and yours are beautifully expressed and I believe we take too much for granted, especially ourselves.