January 30, 2007

My sweet boyfriend makes all our bread. I found this poem about bread and want to post this as a tribute to him and thank him for his tireless devotion to making several loaves of bread each week with so much love.

We have two bread machines and sometimes they are making two different types of bread. Our little funky house is filled with the aroma of bread and peace and love.

Found at Rumionfire:

"What does the wheat know of the bread
For the bread is far ahead.
It once was wheat and then flour,
The rising dough but for an hour,
Baked by the heat of the fire
Purged its dross, ascended higher;
Now the bread knows its fate
To be consumed not too late.

If the bread, wheat inspire
The wheat will stay in its quagmire.
For the bread is far ahead
What does the wheat know of the bread?

� Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
June 11, 1997


Lorna said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM nothing smells better than fresh bread! Reminds me of a friend's grandmother when I was growing up. Wednesday was baking day and the whole neighborhood enjoyed the smells coming from their kitchen. Thanks for a great memory. :-)

that frolicsome kid said...

The bread is now making me hungry! Mmmm...! =D