February 03, 2007

Remembered And Still Not Repaired

She walked with her head down, inspecting the patches of dried grass and brown cracked earth, avoiding the stickers and broken glass. Since the only shoes she owned were school shoes, she was bare feet and stubbed toes.

She had been sent on the usual errand to the country store for a loaf of bread. She had been told to bring back the change but she had not been told how much change to expect. Rural living meant great distances to walk and the store was a small farmers market frequented by the local residents in the low income area.

Her mind was not on the errand. Tomorrow would be her ninth birthday and a friend from school was coming home from school with her and spending the night. This would be the first time someone spent the night.

She was hoping her father would not drink too much and fight with her mother in front of her friend. What actually happened was more devastating than another family brawl.
The accident scarred the little friend for life, her face so damaged it could not be repaired. There were many things that could not be repaired and there were no more childhood friends.

To Be Continued in a Future Post.


Fancy said...

How sad? I can't wait for the next instalment of this, extremely devastating, story. Thanks for sharing!

that frolicsome kid said...

Okay, I honestly don't know why the devastation. This means I can't wait for the next instalment! =D