February 21, 2007

For People Who Still Write With A Pencil

Designers Daniil Rassadin and Alexander Malinovsky have created a palm size eraser, which is fashioned like the well-known Delete Key on a computer keyboard.

Tersumus will be available for sale on July 10. Before June 10 price will be 8.8 US$, after June 10—10.5 US$. The designers claim the eraser will last for years. Maybe if it doesn't get much use it will last a long time.

Personally, I seldom have a need for an eraser, but why not use one that is fun as well as serviceable.


samuru999 said...

A very neat eraser!


happy and blue 2 said...

I'm holding out for an alt-tab-delete eraser for the big jobs..

Tisha! said...

I am a pencil gal but $10 a pop for an eraser!? I don't care if it lasts a century LOL mouaaaaaah