February 13, 2007

What To Do When The Toaster Dies

We didn't want to hurt the toaster's feelings, but we had already purchased the replacement and started using it sometimes. Perhaps that was what sped the demise of the old toaster. It gradually toasted less and finally only one side would get toasted. The new toaster would toast a dark beautiful brown in less time than the old toaster would partially toast one side.

We will invite friends and neighbors. One of us will speak about the good job the toaster did for a couple years. And we will go around the group allowing some of the friends who had personal experiences to relate regarding the toaster to share their stories. Then we will partake of an appropriate meal as we all sit and reminisce about the toaster in days gone by. After the visitors have all gone we will bury the toaster in the back yard.

The electric toothbrush is taking a couple days off and the blender and the coffeemaker are huddling on the counter.

It was a hard decision, but we had to pull the plug.

Thanks for a job well done, old toaster.


Lorna said...

May your faithful old toaster rest in toaster peace. I am going to go hug my toaster right now. :-)

happy and blue 2 said...

Toast in peace old friend..

Carina said...

*sniff* I'm getting all misty eyed. God speed little toaster.

Tisha! said...

aaah the old friend paid it's dues :) amazing the rate we have to replace appliances these days, nothing is made sturdy enough like in the good old days!

have a lovely weekend sweetheart!

Chuck Cliff said...

Some folks would just say, "Toaster, you're toast!" and just toss it -- but this was nice, nicer, in fact, much nicer

Fancy said...

In reality, toasters never die. They live forever in our memories, with a heavy aroma of morning toast. Thanks for sharing.

Toaster, you are hot! :)

Causalien said...

Its spirit lives on in the new stainless steel one.

samuru999 said...

I have been away from blogging for a little while.
I am rather late getting here.
But, I want to thank you for your visit....your wonderful words made my heart very glad!
It is so nice to know you liked my blog.
Nice post...good bye little toaster!


Cazzie!!! said...

I so love this "Ode to the toastmaker" very original I must say, LOL.
I say, whitegoods just do not last very long nowadays, even the electric jugs only last 2 years maximum.
To prevent them going into landfill, I put my things on Freecycle, where other people turn the hard rubbish into something useful, or even get them going again and give them to others who are needy.

that frolicsome kid said...

Hahahaha, thank you for appreciating your toaster! =D Maybe I should do that too the next time an old, faithful electrical appliance ceased to function anymore. My heart feels so heavy to see it thrown away... =P