September 14, 2009

Are Legs Lucky Or Are Lucky's Legs Lucky?

The title of the story is Lucky Gets New Legs. But the picture was what caught my eye. So I read the story.
This turtle was aptly named. This is a story of courage, determination, and love.
This turtle's story is an inspiration.


Joanna Jenkins said...


Margie said...

Oh gosh, this story is so wonderful and it made me smile so much:)
When my family lived in Fl. I once rescued a turtle that was hit by a car.
I took it to my vet and she had to remove one of his front legs.
I kept the turtle in my bathtub while it recoverd.
We moved away about a month after I rescued the turtle and I gave the turtle to my vet as she had a large aquarium and put the turtle there for keeps.
One of my good friends that was happy that I rescued the turtle named him, "Lucky"
I have pics of Lucky that I must go look at now.

So glad you shared this story...thank you!


Brian Miller said...

oh wow. what an amazing story!

otin said...

That was truly uplifting!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

You gotta love the vets that figure these solutions out. Awesome.