September 30, 2009

Bicycle Diaries

This could be my husband! Well, the man in this article could be my husband. Well, not exactly like that. The man in this article is a musician. So is my hubby. The man in this article writes. So does my husband. The man in this article rides a bike. So does my hubby. Lots of people know this man by name and appearance and his music. Not so much my hubby. I get all of him. I am his biggest fan. His bipolar disorder and all his addictions conflicted with his success. That is a good way of saying it, huh. He has been clean and sober nine years but the bipolar disorder cannot be left behind like the addictions. My hubby has more talent in his baby finger than I could ever hope to have.

Musician, writer, and artist, David Byrne is going to ride a bicycle ..."around Detroit, Istanbul, London, San Francisco, Manila, New York -- you name it. He cycles through cities bike-friendly and bike-hostile, musing on the myriad advantages (and disadvantages) of getting around on two wheels in places where, often, a man on a bike (a famous man, with shockingly white hair, no less) is a strange sight indeed. He muses on everything from urban planning to bike helmets to art criticism to Latin music, often on his bike (but not always). Even if you don't own a bike and have no plans to mount one, you'll pedal through the pages of "Bicycle Diaries" in no time; the book is full of musings by a compelling eccentric."

This post is a preview of a book review of "Bicycle Diaries" by David Byrne, because I am going to buy this book for my hubby's 60th birthday next month. That means I will get to read it too!

My hubby rides his bike at least twenty mornings each month. When I met him he rode his bike every day. At least once. The new meds the doctors have him taking this year have caused him to gain some weight and have affected his thyroid. But my hubby is determined to stay as balanced as possible and not have another manic episode. The exercise regimen of riding the bike shows his determination to be consistent and be as healthy as he can be.

For more information about David Byrne's bicycle tours check his website.


Shrinky said...

So much love in this post, you both sound a remarkable couple. My hubby is a keen cyclist, too. It's a fabulous way of seeing our sleepy little island BUT I am not so keen about him cycling to work in the rush hour when he is in London (he lives there every other week, and his office is slap bang in the West End). He's had numerous narrow escapes, none of his causing.

I am ashamed to confess, I never leared how to ride a bike (blush).

Ronda Laveen said...

My husband will be 60 in mid-December. David Byrne has white hair now? I still love him anyway.

On another note, you've been hammering out the posts lately. You get the "Go Girl" award.

TechnoBabe said...

Shrinky, bike riding is such good exercise. My hubby has had a few close calls too because he rides from the house on neighborhood streets, lots of hills, to get to the bike trails. I know there are many bicyclists in London but also when I was there there were some scary drivers. Thanks for the comment.

Hi Ronda, Doesn't David Byrne look good still? I am glad he is promoting bike riding. Yes, I have felt more like blogging lately. Glad you like all the posts!

A Free Man said...

I love David Byrne and his books sounds intriguing. One of the things I liked about living in the UK is that I cycled everywhere. Not so much in suburban Australia, but one day I hope to get back to it.

Ina in Alaska said...

David Byrne looks just great. Anchorage drivers are for the most part very rude to walkers and bicyclists so my bike riding is strictly limited to the stationary bike at the gym. Not to mention moose encounters. Oh well, that is life around here. The dogs get their daily exercise no matter what! I love walking with them.

Shadow said...

with love like yours your hubby can't go wrong!

Brian Miller said...

it warms my heart to hear people talk about their spouses with such love. let me know if the book is good as i am an avid reader and took a quick peek at the bookstore the other day.

Margie said...

Oh, awesome post!
I know my hubby would love the
book "Bicycle Diaries"

My hubby has been riding his bike or rather I should say bikes as he has 3, for over 10 years now and it's a big part of his life!
He rides in many events to raise money for cancer and other good causes.
I'm very proud of him as I know you are of your hubby as you should be!

I have just recently started riding my bike and I love it.
But I will never be able to keep up with hubby, how he rides up those steep inclines I will never know!

I wish your hubby much contined success and enjoyment with his bike riding.


Jeni said...

Reading about people riding bikes all the time -to work, just for exercise or fun -makes me a bit wistful. Growing up, I had this really neat Schwinn Bike that my uncle bought for me. It was a boy's bike as I liked the look of them better and had an odometer along with a wicker basket on the handle bars. The mutt I had back then used to ride in the basket as I wheeled around the village all the time then. If my son hadn't decided to dismantle that bike (not sure why he felt that need though) I would still have a good and stable bike that I could ride around now when the mood (or the need for exercise) hit me. At least where I live, traffic isn't of a major concern but some of the hills here might be a little much for me to survive pushing a bike up them! Will have to look into the book you mentioned too -Christmas is coming and it sounds like it would make for a good gift. (Or, I can hint about it to my kids too. Sometimes that works.)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your husband rocks! Safe travels on his bike rides.
This was a beautiful and loving post. Thanks for sharing.

Kulio said...

What shines through this post is your support for the hubby - how cool is that. Bet you make his life...happier to live.

Christina said...

Oh. My. God! I did a post about David Byrne pretty much on the same day, I think! :-o

I am a huge fan as well. Had no idea that he is bipolar. It does make sense, though. Brilliant people often have stuff like that going on.

Hope the husband's going to enjoy the book!