October 02, 2009

Responsible Teen

There is a good story in the Detroit Free Press. Hopefully it will have a good ending too.

"..teen turns in cash. Investigators are hoping to find the rightful owner of a stash of cash an 18-year-old Howell resident found while picking up pop cans along the side of a Livingston County road. The amount is less than $1,000 but enough for the Michigan State Police to try to find out who lost it."

Evidently, some parents are teaching their children to act responsibly and in consideration of other people. The story in the newspaper tells of an eighteen year old young man who found some money, talked it over with his dad, and decided to turn the money over to the police.

If no one claims the money in six months, the young man will be presented the money, which is less than one thousand dollars. What if the amount he found was much more? What if his dad encouraged him to keep it and not tell anyone? What if. What if. But it is what is is, and this teen may be receiving a reward for following his conscience and not his empty wallet. He should be allowed to put this story in his applications to college and in his resume in the future when he applies for jobs.


Shadow said...

the right thing to do will always be that. the right thing to do!

jozien said...

Yeeh, what if my teen, has no such responsible parent?
I have never found a large sum of money, but i be tempted.
We once found a whole back pack, with personal identification still in it, Oh well we did return that.:) My husband is better than i am.

Brian Miller said...

cool story...cant say it would not be tempting...but it would be hard to shake the ghost of the impact it could have on the life that lost it. perhaps he will be rewarded or otherwise.

Margie said...

Nice story.
It does my heart good when I learn about young (or older) people who know being honest is always the best policy.

About 10 years ago I lost a little purse and in the purse I had $400 in cash.
Soon as I returned home from my grocery shopping I realized I had lost my purse.
So, I went right back to the store I was at and asked the manager if a purse had been turned in.
He asked me my name and then he came out with my purse.(my driver's license was in my purse along with a credit card)
A bagger at the grocery store found my purse and turned it in.
He was a young man, maybe 18 or 19.
I was so grateful to him and admired his honesty so much.
I gave him a reward.


otin said...

It takes a good person to act like that! I agree that he should get some mention in something like college applications.

Ina in Alaska said...

I agree with Shadow and add that this is a fine young person!

Joanna Jenkins said...

The teen should write his college essay that goes with his applications on the money and his thought process in giving it back. Good for him!

Scarlet-Blue said...

If it's more than a grand it's probably dodgy anyway!!!
I've always wondered what I'd really do if I found a huge amount of cash. My first sentence makes me think I'd turn it in!

Scarlet-Blue said...

And I agree that this lad's honest behaviour should go on his reference.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great story, there is hope for humanity after all! :)

A Free Man said...

Good on him. Even if he doesn't end up with the money, he'll have healthy karma.