October 14, 2009

Showing Luuuv

Me: If you really loved me, you would rub my feet and slather lotion all over them.

Hubby: Hmm what?

Me: When we sit on the couch and I sit sideways with my feet in your lap I am giving you a chance to show Luuuuuv!

Hubby: WTF. Okay. Hand me the damn bottle of lotion.

Me: Mmmmmmm.

Later in the evening.

Hubby: If you really loved me, you would rub my neck.

Me: Not tonight, babe, I am all relaxed from my foot rub. I really love you though.

Life isn't always fair. I thought I had a cold about three weeks ago but it was very minor. Yesterday I really came down with a cold. Hubby has a cold and so do I. Who is the designated person to make hot tea or soup or wash clothes when we are both sick? Around four in the morning my coughing woke me and I came out to the living room to find hubby sitting up reading and trying to stop coughing too. He took some cough medicine that apparently helped because he returned to bed and slept till eight thirty. We are running out of tissues. I hope one of us feels like going to the pharmacy today for some things. I have some beef stock in the frig so I am going to make some vegetable beef soup in the slow cooker today. That's it, then I won't do another thing today. Read and sleep.


Brian Miller said...

hope you feel better son. never a good thing when both are sick at once....

Brian Miller said...

obviously i am coming down with a cold in my brain....get well soon...oh my!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Feel better soon! And order in some chicken soup :-)

Ina in Alaska said...

Oh I bet the house smells wonderful with the crock pot BV soup! One of my favorites. Sorry you and hubby are down! I am doing everything in my power NOT to touch my face so I can try to keep the germs at bay.

I am not sure/can't decide whether I want the H1N1 spray.... for the past few years I have not had the flu shot either.

Hope you are both better soon. I am sure it is no fun at all. Sending hugs your way. xoxo

otin said...

Oh, that sucks when there is not at least one healthy person to make the soup!! :(

Shadow said...

read, sleep, and get well. both of you. now you can cuddle and nurse each other.

Shadowthorne said...

Beef stew / soup. YUMMY!!!

Margie said...

Hope you and hubby are both feeling better today.
Lots of flu going around ... 18 people in Co have died from the Swine flu.
So take good care of yourselves.