October 22, 2009

One Brick At A Time

If something is to last it needs to be built right.
Fundamental design.
Reliable foundation.
The strongest materials.
Dedication to completion.

Like the construction industry, life needs structure. Balance. Planning. Strength.

Building a healthy, happy life takes work and dedication. Persistence but not obstinance. Stamina and determination.

When I think of my life today, I picture myself building a structure, one brick at a time. Able to withstand negative forces. Heavy-duty. Strong.


Shadow said...

yip, you are so right... a building is only as good as its foundation.

Brian Miller said...

spot on technobabe..if we ever think we have arrived, we are really going back...keep building

Steve E. said...

First, thank you SO much for visiting--and commenting!--my post.

One word you used in your post is MY FAVORITE (one of?) words: PERSISTENCE

I had thought "long and hard about this phase of my development..." and found persistence as some- thing I could use from my ssssordid past. your hubby also!

Steve E. said...

Now that I've had an opportunity to scroll through a few posts, I just HAD to come back and tell you I think your write a TERRIFIC BLOG!

I'll be Bach!

Christina said...

What a great metaphor.

Hmmm... you are definitely somehow involved with construction, right?

Niesz Vintage Home said...

So true. And it can't be built in a day.
Sometimes I think I'm too hard on myself for not yet being the person I want to be or having the perfect life...but as with any solid building, these things take time.

And thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you and hubby enjoy the cherry danishettes.
Once you try the puff pastry, you'll be hooked. I use it for everything from Chicken Pot Pies and Beef Wellington to danish and chocolate turn-overs.

Kimberly :)

Ronda Laveen said...

Great equation, TechnoBabe! Build strong. Live strong.

Margie said...

Oh, Excellent post!
This has to be one of your best!
Loved it!


Julie said...

That is so awesome! Yes, brick by brick. I hate it when people think they're too old...or too fat...or too whatever to start building that foundation. I love this:

"Able to withstand negative forces. Heavy-duty. Strong."

You rock, Technobabe.

Unknown Mami said...

So true.

otin said...

The guy has a pretty big bulge in his bricks! He must have built it himself! LMAO!! Hey, I took a vicodin, give me a pass, lol!

Fragrant Liar said...

Wow, that was a powerful post. I have to say that Mr. Fine led me straight to it. He loved what you wrote too.

Nice blog. I'll be back.