October 09, 2009

Yo Taxi! Taxi!

Tegucigalpa, Honduras: People queue for taxis
Photograph: Rodrigo Abd/AP

I haven't waited in line for a taxi except on the day cruises got into port, and the passengers disembarked. There was a long line of taxis ready to whisk the passengers off to airports or whatever destination, so it all moved along surprisingly quickly.

The people in this line look like they are there for awhile, slowly step by step making their way to the front of the line to get the next taxi. Maybe they need a couple more taxis here. Competing with the the taxis there now. Or bus service. Anyway, this picture speaks to me of the many many people around the world at the mercy of someone else to get from one place to another, and where I live we take for granted we can drive somewhere when we want to go somewhere. I am grateful for my situation but I care about the people waiting in lines all over the world.


cinner said...

Me too, this kinda reminds me of all the lines for food as well. I AM grateful for what I have that is for sure. Take care my friend, have a great weekend.

Brian Miller said...

until you have been there, its pretty easy to take the little things for granted, even then over time the images fade...waiting in lines...hmmm...

Ina in Alaska said...

True. And here if you are waiting for a bus you must bundle up (in winter) This post reminded me of an elderly gentleman who I see most days and he walks to his bus in all kinds of weather and he seems to love it! We really do take for granted the fact that we can just jump in the car and go off to whereever, whenever and we don't have to figure out wait times in order to arrive at our destination at the "appointed time". Have a great weekend. I am glad it is Friday.

Margie said...

We have so much to be grateful for and your most made me think about those things I have that I am grateful for in a few minutes I am going to get into my car and go to the library.
I'm grateful for my car and also the library.


otin said...

We do take a lot for granted!

Christina said...

Well said about people being dependent on others to get them around. HATE that! Have you ever had a fight with your spouse and ended up walking home?
I did... 'twas a sunny day and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk. ;)

We need to think more local, I think. My granny never needed transportation - and getting to the city by buggy was a day trip.
I wouldn't mind living a bit simpler, really.