July 12, 2011

God, This Is TechnoBabe Again

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God, what is the lesson I am to learn?
Do you send the spiders to me
Or do they enjoy a freedom I don't?
When do I get to be in charge?

I admit that during my young years
spiders were my friends, my play mates
They moved and were alive and playful
We were a family of poverty and dysfunction

What happened to change my view of spiders
And when it happened is a mystery to me
At least I am consciously unaware
of slipping into the state of dread

God, for many years I held out hope
Hope that you are truth, Father, Allah
Even if faith is the glue to belief
Blind acceptance is not in my nature

You gave me a brain, a mind to use
to study and interpret and decide for myself
What am I to learn from the spiders
who want to be close to me, on me, with me

I sit down and a spider walks across my chest
I walk through a room, a spider scurries in my path
I feel something tickling my neck and brush it off
A spider is flung across the room, disappearing

This morning another spider was on my foot
The shock and dislike make me react swiftly
Another spider bites the dust because of me
Why wasn't it in the garden doing its job

Spider Medicine teaches that spider connects
knowledge of past with possibilities in future
The web center is small, which is me
Expanding web denotes life's possibilities

There is a life lesson relating to the spiders
It is time for me to bring all spider knowledge
to the conscious level, expanding my mind
So that my spirit can be at peace.


Ms. A said...

ACK!!! Hubby had to have surgery from a spider bite. I prefer they serve their purpose outside and out of my house.

LL Cool Joe said...

I'm not a great fan of spiders either, but at least I don't scream like my partner does when one appears! :D

Rock Chef said...

Mrs RC does not like spiders, but we don't get too many in our house - the dogs tend to eat any that go onto the floor for a start!

I tend to catch then and put them in the garden...

Dave King said...

spider medicine is new to me. Great opportunity for metaphor there, I feel.

TechnoBabe said...

Ms.A, was the spider a brown recluse? I so want the spiders to stay outside.

Joe, you crack me up; your partner is right on this one I think. Ha.

Rock Chef, no dogs here to keep the spiders at bay.

Dave, yes, a wonderful opportunity.

Brian Miller said...

spiders do kinda creep me out when they crawl on me...they spin some amazing webs though...little works of art...will look into spider medicine...

DJan said...

I wonder why this is happening now? I have always liked spiders, but then again, they don't usually crawl on me. Hopefully you'll figure it out and it will stop. Do you think it has anything to do with your web presence? :-)

Rock Chef said...

Hm, maybe you should look out for a small dog to control the cats and spiders?

Cinner said...

You know I just hate them, in the last couple of years they have been bad here. have you seen the commercial where they kill the spider on the eye phone. I laugh every time I see it. with my cataplexy sometimes I am startled and fall to the floor when I see them...ah whats a gal to do. congrats on your 200 followers, hugs to you.

blueviolet said...

I would be spraying insecticide EVERYWHERE! I'll never be at peace with spiders!

Bossy Betty said...

I like your attitude here! Spiders don't bother me at all. The orb web is a miracle of engineering!

Kristina P. said...

My husband HATES them. He will do anything to make sure they aren't anywhere around our house.

Mama Zen said...

Unfortunately, the only lesson I've learned from spiders is good aim!

secret agent woman said...

I don't care for spiders landing on me, but otherwise I have a live and let live policy. Besides, they catch wasps.

Unknown Mami said...

Spiders are great as long as they are no where near me.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh man, all them creepy crawlies....

Pseudo said...

I love how tuned in you are and find the spider wisdom. Well done.

TechnoBabe said...

Brian, the webs are intricate and accomplished quickly.

DJan, ha ha you silly girl. web, I get it. They want to be in my hair, maybe it looks such a mess they think it is home.

Rock Chef, we are the only family in our neighborhood without a dog.

Cinner, since we don't watch any tv, we don't see the commercials.
Sometimes I am startled too, especially when they are on my shirt.

blueviolet, peace is the word all right, and I want mine back.

Bossy Betty, the strength and beauty of the web for me is different from the critters walking on me.

Kristina P, yay, you are back from your trip. Thanks for stopping by.

Mama Zen, we think alike.

secret agent woman, if the spiders would eat mosquitos I would learn to like them.

Unknown Mami, Every creature has its purpose, it would help me if the spiders stayed outside to do their thang.

Gary, don't tell me you like spiders, I bet you do.

Pseudo, hubby and I have Animal Speak the book and have always had the belief in common of the connection we have with all of nature.

oceangirl said...

spiders are there for you to care.

Jilda said...

I have something I that Rick calls the Spider Dance, when we take our morning walks, there are huge spider webs that reach between all the growth, every time I walk thru one, I do my dance and sing a little song filled with not so sweet words.

Syd said...

I don't mind spiders. The good ones which are the golden orb weavers hang around outside. Walking into their heavy webs is a bit weird. But I have gotten used to having lots of weird encounters with animals in the country.

Hilary said...

Oh I've been wondering the same thing. Somewhere in my house, there must have been a hatch of spiders. Every single day for about a week, there was one tiny spider working its way down in front of my monitor. I know it's not the same one because I have the same trigger-response, I'm ashamed to admit.

I've wondered about their medicine too. It's amazing how many I encountered a while back when I was trying (but not succeeding) to learn web design.