June 16, 2009

The Alzheimer's Coffee Pot

My coffee pot was a three dollar discovery at a thrift store last year. I didn't look closely at it and there wasn't a user's manual provided so my expectations were pretty straightforward. I would put in the water, filter, and coffee and the coffee machine would do its part by brewing and maintaining a temperature that would keep the coffee hot.

The first time I used it I discovered by accident that this darling coffee machine turns off if it does not get attention after a half hour. Not that I have this in common with my coffee machine. The first few times this happened, it was annoying. But I have come to appreciate the convenience of having something I do not have to remember.

I irreverently alluded to Alzheimer's in this post, not as a criticism of anyone suffering from this disease, but as one more thing that could be in my own future.
My coffee machine has a nickname. Al.

My plants have nicknames too and so do other things around here, but that is a post for another day.


Beth said...

I love things that help me to NOT remember.

Moannie said...

Now that is a perking good idea.
I want one too.

David likes it, gave you a mention on POTD.