June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Brother Bill

Today is my OLDER brother's birthday. He is my only brother but when we started getting up in the senior citizen hemisphere, I started teasing him about his being older.

He may be older but he is definitely more active and young at heart than I am. He has a wonderful wife and after being married about a trillion years they were astonished to learn they were expecting a baby last year. In March they were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Not that I am partial to this little nephew, but this is truly a good looking and smart baby.

Their little family is in the process of a rather substantial move back to the mainland.
For most of our adult lives we have lived in different states, both of us moving from time to time to still other states. But we haven't missed each others birthdays, either a call or a card.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRO!!! I love you.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

HI! Thank you for the comments over on my blog! I see that you are on a one day at a time adventure also..
It is nice to meet you:)