June 23, 2009

Is the Grunting Necessary?

BBC News article: "What A Racket".

"A quiet revolution is engulfing tennis, as spectators and players say enough is enough to grunting. As Wimbledon begins, why is it that players are making so much noise?"

Personally, I like the noise. There needs to be some sort of sound to hold my interest for any length of time. I personally don't watch TV, don't have TV, don't miss TV the past 4 years. But when I did watch it, I enjoyed hearing the struggle and effort when the athletes performed. It is a performance after all. Why else would there be people in the stands and on the TV glued to the back and forth ball and the strains and pains of the players?

Is the grunting necessary? Not really. Does it make it more interesting? In my opinion, yes it does.

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