June 21, 2009

The Four Commandments

Skilled and accomplished people attract me. Throw interesting and zany into the mix and I'm a fan. When I found Les Becker's blog, it was as if I found myself in a love-in from the sixties (and I had never been to one back then).

This blog is so much fun, and boy do I need fun these days. I wonder how does she find the time to write a post so often and how does she keep her funny bone from cracking? This blogger has wit and charm and CAN SPELL, even if some of the words are spelled in Canadianese.

Les' ex-landlady, Ruby, is credited with relaying some fascinating and sometimes funny stories. Because I am a recent convert to this blog, there are posts-a-plenty in my future to read because I plan on reading every post from the beginning of this blog. I am already feeling related to Ruby and Les, so I may end up a cousin when I am finished with the catch-up.

The four commandments as Ruby sees them are:

Trust your instincts.
Walk your own path.
Play fair.
Mind your own business.

My perception of that is:
Trust your instincts. Listen to your gut feeling. Pay attention to your inner wisdom.

Walk your own path. Decide your course. Plot your own direction. Travel your own way.

Play fair. Play according to the rules. Don't cheat. Engage all with highest standards.

Mind your own business. Mind your own friggin business. Keep an extraordinarily high degree of refrain from interfering in everyone else' sphere.

I will be doing a post on each one of these "commandments" in the near future.
And I will be visiting Les Becker's blog often. Maybe I can learn some things from her about sharing daily struggles and experiences with humor and an open heart.


david mcmahon said...

Thanks for the visit and the comment.

I presume you're actually talking about Les Becker here - I've been reading her blog since a fellow blogger called Mushy pointed her out to me.

And yes, I've even had the privilege of talking to Les. She's great!

Les Becker said...

Thanks, CiCi - you say wonderful things. I love how you broke the Commandments down; that's pretty close to what they mean for me.

And David's an important member of my "Blog-Family" - I think the world of him.

TechnoBabe said...

Hi David, I have to admit I glanced at your comment and it did not register you were trying to tell me I misspelled Les' last name! Thanks for the visit and the advice.

Sorry Les, and with your usual grace you informed me of my spelling error.
Soooooo glad you let me know and that you approve of my post about your exceptional blog.