June 24, 2009

Shall We Dance?

There is an interesting article in BBC News about dancing.

According to this article, "Ballroom and Latin dancing classes can improve pupils' behaviour as well as their fitness, research suggests."

..."Roehampton University's Dr Jeanne Keay, who conducted the research, said the response to the programme in the 29 primary and secondary schools involved was overwhelmingly positive.

He said communication and co-operation improved between boys and girls, who worked together as dance partners.

And that behaviour had improved because of the "disciplined and structured nature of ballroom and Latin dance
". "

The article also mentions that the dance program helps shy children become involved and that the program has the potential to positively effect social interaction within families and in local communities.

My son was such a shy little boy that when he was ages 3 to 6 if one of the neighborhood children would ring the bell and ask if my son could come out to play, he would be found hiding behind the drapes in the living room. He was quiet and didn't speak much. He was the kind of kid that when he did have something to say, it was something worth listening to, not just yak yak rambling. He rarely had something to say so I felt like I should be right there ready to write what he was saying when he did speak.

Maybe he was quiet because he was sandwiched between his two sisters in age and their constant talking was our little family's entertainment. Perhaps a young peoples dance program might have helped him be less reserved when he was a small lad. He was allowed to enter the world of sports at a young age precisely because of his shy nature and because it was such a surprise that this quiet, shy boy was so insistent that he wanted to play football. He was always happy to play alone that it was unexpected when he was so sure he wanted to play a team sport.

So instead of dancing he was running back and forth across the football field. That didn't help his social skills but it did teach him discipline and team spirit. Continuing to play was always his choice. He would not miss a practice. The girls and I were watching every practice. He continued with football and added basketball and wrestling along the way. He is a grown man now and still somewhat reserved albiet a polished businessman. I think I will ask him if he dances much.


Jason, as himself said...

Hello there, thanks for commenting today on The Jason Show. I just spent the last few minutes looking through some of your posts; you have a very well-written blog. And then I spent some time reading your husband's bipolar blog, which I found fascinating.

And as for our grandmothers being so much alike...maybe it's a generational thing and more people were like them than we realize!

I will be seeing you around!

Hilary said...

Dancing sure is good for the soul. I'll bet he dances - at least when no one's watching. ;)