March 06, 2010

High Flyers

They are a tight unit.
Not a social club.
Not as close as siblings.
Nevertheless, a team.

Lives depend on them.
For Information,
for directions,
for timeliness.

There is one captain.
Omnipotent in the air.
A crew of varying levels,
Trained to precision.

The next time you see
them pulling their wagons
across the tarmac
seemingly all talking at once

Don't think of them
as merely a gaggle of uniforms
Give a silent thanks
to the powers that be

The training and discipline
it takes to achieve their level
is beyond mere mortals
in most ways to mention

They do more than merely
look good in their uniforms.
They know which buttons to push.
And they know where the booze is.

Nice flying with you, Captain.
Thanks to your entire crew.
My bag of peanuts was fresh
And my coffee was magic brew.

I wrote this after I read a post by Maggie at Moonstruck about her flight and a last minute trip she and her friends enjoyed recently. Thanks, Maggie for the idea. Instead of using a graphic of a real airplane I chose instead the paper airplane!


cinner said...

Interesting, I like the poem, I will have to check out the other blog.

Brian Miller said...

nice. yeah, one of those easily overlooked occupations...happy saturday.

Anonymous said...

I wonder... do you get booze on paper airplanes too? It seems like a much cheaper option!

Shrinky said...

Your graphic closely resembles the "no-frills-cheap-option" flights I tend to ride (wink).

Sweet poem!

Shadow said...

i just kept reading, it was lovely!

Mrs4444 said...

Good point.

Hey, if you send me your email, I will happily share a package of that guac mix with you :)

DJan said...

You are SUCH a talented poet, TB. I look forward to them now...

Jeanie said...

I like the imagery that the paper airplane brings to your verse.

Enchanted Oak said...

Your poem was fun. I just love it when something out of the ordinary prompts me to write poetry. It's one of life's gifts.

Ina in Alaska said...

You took a small piece of her post and turned it into magical prose! While I was reading your piece at first I thought you were talking about the luggage trolley folks... but even tho' they too know where the booze is, they don't know where the magic buttons are. Very fun piece Cici!! xoxo PS Now we air travelers need to worry about who is in the control tower!!

Sheri said...

I like it. :)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Very nice poetry in motion. I find flying to be amazing and truly a miracle thatwe get anywhere and every where we need to be...thanks for the poem.

Ronda Laveen said...

TechnoBabe: Your writing continues to open and unfold. I am enjoying your work very much.

lisleman said...

good coffee at the end - the best

Joanna Jenkins said...

Nice recognition for a group of people usually in a totally thankless job.

You have a great way with words, Techno.

Have a relaxing weekend!

beth said...

you are an amazing know that, right ?
I hope you do !

Spencer L Casey said...

My brother flies for Southwest. He totally knows where the booze is. :)



Fancy said...

I enjoy the imagery. And what a lovely write, Technobabe! Well done!!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a terrific poem!!! I loved it! And I think that the paper airplane with it was so much more interesting than a photo of a genuine jet!! Gave the idea, but kept the focus on your words...Lovely post all the way around! ~Janine XO

anne h said...

You have real talent.

Jason, as himself said...

Great poem. So often we take them for granted.

willow said...

Did you hear about the air traffic controller who got in trouble recently for taking his child to work and letting him talk to the pilots?

LadyFi said...

Great sentiment! Amazing how we tend to take flying in a metal can for granted!

Marla said...


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! It is like a birthday present to me! (Friday was my birthday)

You know what is the funniest part? That I went to aviation school and took a course to be a stewardess but then after I took a teacher training course and headed for another direction my friends working at the airlines want me to fly the skies but I dont know...

And I thank you for considering my post as an inspiration. :)

Unknown Mami said...

You are a wonderful writer!

otin said...

At first I thought that you were talking about the military in a highway caravan! It works that way too!

Fragrant Liar said...

Great going, TB. Makes me wanna call up for a rezzy to . . . somewhere anywhere!

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

great words i adore your prose

Syd said...

I would like to say that flying is fun, etc. these days, but mostly it is a hassle. I am glad to get where I need to be and back without too many delays.